Below are the instructions on how to activate your agency website.

PLEASE make sure to follow these detailed instructions STEP BY STEP to insure you properly setup and activate your new agency website:

1. First you need go to your Agency Profile page in your DashClicks account and Fill Out All Required Fields. (This can always be updated, but the more fields you fill out the better.)

2. Then go to your Agency Branding page in your DashClicks account and make sure you add your Agency Logo and Agency Favicon. (We recommend using a horizontal version of your logo in PNG format with no background.)

3. Then you need to Setup Your Custom Domain. Here is the video on how to set that up:

4. Once you're done setting up your custom domain name you need to Activate Your SSL Certificate. Here is the video on how to set that up:

5. Once you followed all the steps above, your website is now activated and live!

We also created a video which shows you exactly how to use and edit your agency website, you can watch that here:

P.S, all of these videos are also on Agency Website page towards the bottom along with other tutorials on how to use the web builder platform.

P.P.S, we also have an entire help center just for the web builder platform which will answer all your questions, you can view it here:

Hope you enjoy your new agency website! 😃

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