In order to make any purchases, the process is super simple 👇

  1. First, click the Fulfillment link in the main menu.

  2. Then select the services you need to purchase and add them to the cart.

  3. Once you add a service to the cart you can either "Select An Existing Company" or "Create A New Company". If you are purchasing a service for a company that's already inside your DashClicks account, select Existing Company. If you're adding a new company select New Company.

  4. Once you select your option you can do this multiple times and add as much services you'd like to the cart before checking out. 

  5. Once you've completed adding everything to your cart, you can then checkout. You can checkout with any major credit or debit card. That card will also stay on file for future orders and easy checkout.

After you submit your order and checkout our team automatically gets notified and will contact you ASAP to get the ball rolling 😊 🚀

From there, you can also add clients to your dashboard and send automated onboardings to your clients. You can read more on that process HERE.

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