We currently have 3 separate user roles you can use within your DashClicks account:

1. Administrator: 

This role is set by default for person who created your DashClicks account. Administrators have full access to your DashClicks account without any limitation.

2. Project Manager: 

Project managers have similar access to administrators, however they CANNOT do the following:

  • Cannot update existing billing information (payment method on file)

  • Cannot update any agency branding

  • Cannot change custom domain settings

  • Cannot add or remove users

  • Cannot access Agency Snapshot in Billing section

  • Cannot add or edit affiliate payout account (Stripe Connect)


3. Client:

This role is set for clients that get added to your dashboard. Users with client roles can only see reporting for their active campaigns or services they have purchased with you.

Client roles will never see any DashClicks messages, promotions, etc.

We have safe guards in place to ensure that your clients do not receive any DashClicks branded materials, newsletters or promotions.

Please Note: Before adding any clients to your dashboard, make sure you have updated your branding and have setup your custom domain. Once this is done, your platform is completley white-labeled.

P.S. We are currently working on a custom permissions feature that will allow more granular control on a per user basis. This will allow you to customize what each user can see.

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