Content Fulfillment Works in a Few Easy Steps:

  1. Completion of the onboarding documents by the partner/client

  2. Our team of specialists will review the onboarding documents

  3. The DashClicks team will send you a list of topics to be approved (typically, it will be around 20 topics and they will ask for you to approve 10 of those topics)

  4. Once topics are selected, our team will be able to begin working on the blog posts

  5. The blogs will be sent to you for approval as they are ready and you will either need to give it a thumbs up, resend the blog with corrections, or request for us to make some revisions

  6. Once we receive final approval, we will go ahead and post the blog on the site (if we have the proper website access)

Content Fulfillment Disclaimers

Only one round of revisions will be allowed per blog article. If our team writes a blog article and either you or the client has changed their minds regarding the topic used to write the blog, we will not be able to rewrite for another blog article.

Our content team only writes one type of content, blogs. We do not perform content expansions on websites, content alterations, service page content, location page content, etc. If the client is receiving SEO services, we may recommend adding content or creating pages with content, which would be the responsibility of you, the partner, or the client to complete if the intent is to complete the recommended actions.

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