Adding users is very possible and encouraged. You can add different users with different role. When adding your clients, we recommend adding them to the dashboard with a "Client" role. Please see our help doc on how to do this for more information: How To Add User With A "Client" Role?


At this time, only data from active services being fulfilled by DashClicks can be viewed in the dashboard. Adding data from other clients and services that are not offered or being fulfilled by DashClicks is currently not an option.


Companies with services being fulfilled by DashClicks will automatically be displayed in the dashboard. Other companies that may not have services being fulfilled by DashClicks, cannot be added to the dashboard at this time.


At this time, you do not have the option to add your own case studies, content, services, or data to the dashboard. All data that will be displayed in the dashboard is that of active services being fulfilled by DashClicks.

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