The Contacts application features certain restrictions on how many times you can use identical contact information for more than one contact record.

To begin, you may not use the same phone number, email, or address for two different People Contacts or two different Business Contacts. For example, if you attempt to add a People Contact for “John Doe” and “Jane Smith,” all of their contact information must be completely unique from one another. This also applies to two different business contact records. This will help to keep your contacts list clean and accurate.

However, we are aware that there are circumstances in which an individual person might possess the same contact details as the business. An example of this would be an individual personal trainer who self-employs and uses their name as their business name.

For this reason, you may use the same phone number, email, or address for a People Contact and a Business Contact. If “John Doe” and “John Doe’s Personal Training” use the same phone number, email, and address, you can add the same information to both types of contact records.

The distinguishing factor is that the two records must be of two different types. You cannot do this for two People Contacts or two Business Contacts.

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