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Reading the Dashboard Widgets
Reading the Dashboard Widgets
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Now that you understand how to navigate and customize the dashboard, you need to know what your widgets display. This document will walk through each widget to give you a better understanding of each overview.



Note - You must have an active website subscription to use this widget.

Adding the Sites widget to your dashboard will give you an overview titled Website Analytics. This is a quick snapshot of the same statistics you will receive through the Sites application. Here is what each metric displays:

  • Page Views - The total number of page views for your site within a given period.

  • Visitors - The total number of unique visitors your site receives within a given period.

  • Visits - The total number of visits your site receives within a given period, regardless of user.

You can click on the vertical dotted line to customize the date period at any time. The widget statistics will update accordingly. The period you selected will always appear in blue in the top-right section.



The Contacts app displays the number of new contacts you create within a given period. ‘People’ tallies individual persons in your contact records whereas ‘Businesses’ features your business contacts.

Once again, you can use the vertical dotted line to update these numbers to display data for a specific period.



The Deals widget tracks the status of your active deals from the Deals application. This overview breaks your deals down into three categories:

  • New - This is all of your new deals within a given period.

  • Won - This is the number of deals you won within a given period, meaning that you closed the deal and collected payment.

  • Lost - This is the number of deals you lost within a given period, meaning that the client did not make a purchase.

This widget displays additional in three columns. Let’s review them moving left to right:

The first column to the immediate right of the label is the count. This shows how many new deals you have, how many you won, and how many you lost.

The second column is a percentage that compares the current period’s performance versus the previous period. For example, if you are looking at this week’s deals, the percentage is comparing this week’s performance to last week’s. A red arrow means you are underperforming whereas a green arrow means you are trending upward.

The final column shows what these deals are worth in total. You’ll be able to quickly see how much money you gained, lost, and what’s still left to be won through current new deals.

Finally, you can customize the date period by using the dotted vertical line in the top-right corner.



The Forms widget shows the status of your existing forms and invitations within the Forms application.

‘Pending Requests’ refers to the number of outstanding invitations you have sent out to users to complete your form. Whenever a user meets your request and completes the form, it moves into ‘Submissions’.

Submissions’ shows the total number of form submissions you currently have from your active forms.


This widget provides a quick snapshot of your current affiliate payout status. Anyone with a main account is eligible for our affiliate program. However, you cannot expect a payout until you successfully recruit at least one other main account user to begin using our platform or fulfillment services.

Current Balance’ shows the commission you’ve earned in this period.

Next Pay Date will remind you of when you can expect your next payment to hit your connected bank account.

You can learn more about our affiliate program here.


The InstaSites widget displays three key data points from the InstaSites application.

Built reveals the total number of InstaSites you built for prospects or clients.

Viewed shows how many of your InstaSites were reviewed by the recipient.

Purchased shows how many of those InstaSites you have purchased.



InstaReports is very similar to the above except for having a ‘purchased’ field.

Built reveals how many InstaReports you built for your prospects or clients.

Viewed shows how many of those InstaReports were reviewed by the recipient.



The Leads widget gives a quick snapshot of your sales teams’ performance. New leads appear in this widget and are added to one of four categories:

  • Hot - This indicates the number of new leads that are brand-new, or no older than 15 minutes. The second column shows the total count of leads in that category whereas the final column reminds you of how new or old the lead is.

  • Warm - This shows your number of warm leads, or leads that are anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes old.

  • Cold - This shows you the number of cold leads, or leads that are more than 60 minutes old.

  • Ice - This shows the number of leads that are more than a day old. This means that your odds of closing a deal with that lead are almost zero.

You can learn more about lead freshness and the importance of pursuing hot leads by reviewing our help article here.



Notifications’ displays your most recent notifications from any other applications within the platform. These are the same notifications you receive in the top-right corner of the page with the notification bell.

These notifications can detail anything including completed lead searches, completed InstaSite or InstaReport builds, or recent deal updates. Consider this a quick snapshot of your most recent activities.



Finally, the Templates widget shows you the number of total templates you’ve created within the Templates application.

The name on the left (SMS, Email) gives you the type while the number on the right indicates the count. Be sure to take advantage of templates throughout your experience with our platform as they can save time and effort when using additional services.

This covers every widget currently available within the platform. Be on the lookout for new widgets to become available as we expand and improve our services. As we create and add new widgets, we will update this article for your convenience accordingly.

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