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Using the Inbound App's Reporting Features
Using the Inbound App's Reporting Features
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Note: Access to the Inbound app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Lead Types Breakdown

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Inbound’.

2. Navigate to Reporting Tab:

The first two metrics you will see on this tab are your lead types: Form Submissions and Phone Calls. The bolded number shows the number of leads obtained from each type, while the percentage reveals the proportion of your total leads from each source.

Note: If you wish to explore a specific metric, use the 'Lead Type' filter in the left-side column. For instance, selecting 'Form Submissions' will update the graphs to show only the leads from form submissions.

Lead Breakdown

The 'Lead Breakdown' graph is the next section in our reporting page, providing a day-by-day breakdown of your form submissions and phone calls.

Note: If your campaign underperforms on a certain date, hovering over the graph bar for that date will confirm the lack of leads.

Sales Representatives Metrics

At the bottom of the reporting page is a table showing 'Name' and 'Count', representing each sales representative and their assigned leads, respectively. This data helps to determine if your sales representatives are overloaded and if there's a need to reassign some of the leads.

Adjusting the Date Range

The 'Reporting' tab allows you to adjust the date range of your graphs easily.

Locate Calendar Icon:

At the top right corner of the page, find the calendar icon. You can update the date range by either selecting one of the preset options (Today, Yesterday, This Week, etc.) or using the 'Custom' option to pick your preferred range.

Filtering Leads by Integration Type

To break down your metrics further by 'Integration Type', use the left column. For instance, in our Inbound app, you can choose to display results exclusively for a PhoneSites campaign or a CallRail campaign by checking the corresponding box.

Note: Your metrics will automatically update once you select a specific Integration Type.

Filtering Leads by Sales Representative

The last filter option on the left allows you to filter your metrics by the assigned sales rep. The 'Reporting' tab will only display the sales reps currently assigned to a campaign.

Note: You can use any of these customization features simultaneously to obtain metrics that satisfy all of your specified criteria. Utilize these Reporting tab features to continually enhance the performance of your campaigns.

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