If for any reason you need to delete an active campaign from the Inbound app, follow the instructions featured below:

  1. Within the Inbound app, click on the Campaigns tab at the top of the page.

  2. Locate the campaign you wish to delete from the list shown. On the far right of the screen, there is a red trash can icon. Click on this icon.

  3. As a precaution, you will receive a notification requesting confirmation that you mean to permanently delete the campaign. You can always back out by clicking Cancel. If you are sure, click Delete.

Your campaign and associated automation are no longer in effect.

What Happens to My Campaign Information?

There are a couple of important details to note when you decide to delete an active campaign from your dashboard.

When you delete a campaign from Inbound, all of your active leads will also be deleted.

For example, we will delete our “PhoneSites” campaign. Not only will the campaign disappear from the Campaigns tab, but any leads from the PhoneSites campaign will no longer appear under My Leads.

Be sure to add these details to your CRM or store the information elsewhere to ensure you don’t lose out on this information.

Deleting a lead will not delete generated contacts or deals.

If a lead from your campaign now exists in your Contacts or Deals applications, they will remain intact.

If you enabled the Add to CRM toggle when setting up your campaign, those leads should already exist in your list of available contacts. Deleting a campaign does not modify your list of users in Contacts or Deals.

Important Note - Switching the Add to CRM toggle to ON does not retroactively add those leads to your Contacts. Again, you must manually save your lead information to prevent it from being lost upon campaign deletion.

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