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How to Activate a Website - Sub Account
How to Activate a Website - Sub Account
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The Sites application is a convenient tool, which allows you to preview, track, and edit your website with ease and convenience. If you activate a new website within your account, all of your information will be housed within this application.

What’s Included with My Website?

  • A fully functional website complete with content, images, and information that’s tailored to your unique business

  • Domain hosting powered by Amazon Web Services

  • An SSL Certificate

  • 24/7 access to our intuitive drag-and-drop website editor (no HTML or CSS coding knowledge required!)

Obtaining Your New Business Website

When a sub-account arrives at the Sites application, they will see this notification if they do not currently have a website in our system:

At this time, the sub-account should reach out to you regarding their interest in a website.

Building a Website in InstaSites

This is your opportunity to utilize the InstaSites application to rapidly build a brand-new website for your client. If you're unsure of how to complete this process, be sure to check out our help article here. This process will naturally teach you how to build your InstaSite, inject the client's business information, and provide them with a preview build.

If the client is satisfied with the website, you must then purchase it within our storefront. To learn how to purchase your InstaSite, click here.

After you complete the process of purchasing the InstaSite for your sub-account, their new website should now appear as a preview within the Sites application. You can verify this on your end by going to the Projects app, clicking on the sub-account name on the left, and then clicking Website at the top of the page.


The Next Steps

After activating your website, you can return to the Sites application. Your application view should now look different than your previous visit:


The application replaces the previous notification with a site preview and an overall summary of key status indicators and visitor analytics.

By default, you should see that your website is Published, has an Active SSL Certificate, and comes with a unique ID. The only prompt without a green checkmark should be your active domain. You will need to set up the DNS records with your registrar to point your custom domain to your new website.

NOTE - Your website should automatically receive an SSL Certificate upon publishing. If it does not immediately activate, please allow a few minutes for this to resolve.

To learn how you can assign a custom domain for your site, click on your domain host from the list of available help articles below:

To learn more about your website status and analytics, click here.

To learn how you can make edits to your website, click here.

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