This guide will walk you through how to properly assign a custom domain for your newly purchased website within your domain host’s platform.

Whenever you purchase a website, it will be live under a pre-generated domain. If you wish to switch to a custom domain that you own, please follow the instructions below:

What You Need to Set Up Your Custom Domain

Before you can begin this process, make sure that you have access to the following:

  • A Google Domains Account

  • Access to Google Custom Resource Records

You can quickly navigate to your Google Domain Account login here. If you are unsure of what Google Custom Resource Records are or how to access them, please review this help article courtesy of Google.

How to Add DNS Records for Your Custom Domain

After you successfully log into your Google Domains account, execute the following steps in order below:

  1. Find and select the DNS tab to access your DNS records.

  2. On this page, scroll until you locate the Custom Resource Records section. Click the ‘+’ symbol to begin adding the new record.

  3. In the Name field, enter “www”.

  4. In the Type dropdown field, select “CNAME”.

  5. In the Data field, enter “”.

  6. In the TTL field, enter “1H”.

  7. Double-check each field above. If everything appears correct, select “Add”. Continue to add the second record.

  8. In the new Type dropdown, select “A”.

  9. In the new Data field, enter “”.

  10. In the new TTL field, enter “1H”.

  11. Once again, double-check each field above. If everything appears correct, select “Add”. Finally, we will add the final record to complete the process.

  12. In the new Type dropdown, select “A”.

  13. In the new Data field, enter “”.

  14. In the final TTL field, enter “1H”.

  15. Finally, click “Add” to complete the process.

With this process complete, your custom domain will now point to your website. While this may happen quickly, it can often take up to 48 hours for your registrar to propagate these new DNS settings. Please allow for the full period before attempting to edit your settings again. If your website still does not appear after this period, please contact your registrar for more information.

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