This platform utilizes a credit system for specific services. The number of credits you have available is contingent upon your current subscription plan.

Below, we will explain how your templates created in the Templates app utilize your available credits.

Using SMS Credits

SMS templates require one (1) credit for each text message sent. The system identifies one text message as 160 characters. Every time a text message is sent to one of your contacts, one (1) credit will be deducted from your account.

You may exceed the 160-character limit for the cost of one (1) additional credit. This means you spend one (1) additional credit every time you exceed another 160 characters. Please see the reference below to better understand credit usage:

  • 160 characters or less = 1 credit

  • 161 - 320 characters = 2 credits

  • 321 - 480 characters = 3 credits

Note - You will utilize credits every time you send the SMS message. If you send a 350-character text message to five (5) prospects, you will spend fifteen (15) credits.

SMS messages feature a cost as they incur a cost with our automated delivery system. However, email does not feature these same restrictions. Instead, we simply deduct one email send from your total as dictated by your current subscription plan.

Using Email Credits

Email notifications are much more simple and only require 1 credit per message sent. There is no maximum character length when using email notifications.

How Personalization Affects Credit Usage

Both email and SMS templates offer the ability to add personalization options, which you can learn about here. Personalizing templates becomes relevant to SMS templates specifically as it can potentially affect your credit usage if you are unaware.

When adding a personalization option to your message, you will receive a red text warning that says “Credits may vary due to personalizations.” This warning serves to make you aware that your custom personalization can potentially exceed 160 characters.

For example, the Business Name personalization option will vary between customers. “Joe’s Plumbing” adds 14 characters (including the space) whereas “Global Trading International” would add 28 characters.

Be aware of your credit balance and remaining characters as the preview will only show you the injection API, not the actual content that the recipient will receive.

Credit Plans

The number of credits you have available is contingent upon your subscription plan.





5 Templates Total

50 Templates Total

100 Templates Total

500 Templates Total

Checking Your Credit Balance

Finally, you can check your credit balance at any time by accessing your Settings. You can access this area by clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then clicking on Settings.


In the left-hand column, click on Usage, which you can find underneath the Billing Preferences header. This page will detail all of the account limits for your subscription plan as well as what you've used to date.

On the Usage page, scroll down until you find Templates. This will display how many templates you've used out of your current allotment, while also providing a visualization through a colored bar that fills up with each use.


If you find yourself running low on templates and need a reminder of what your account provides, your current plan will always be listed on the right side of this page.

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