The DashClicks Affiliate Program provides two primary methods for you to gain a commission each month. While your primary income will come from software subscriptions, you can also gain income from fulfillment subscriptions purchased by those referred customers.

Platform Commission

Platform commission refers to the commission you gain from users that purchase a DashClicks software subscription with your referral link.

Be aware that this is only for a paid subscription. It does not include free accounts that are available to everyone. The lowest available software subscription tier starts at $97/month. Your commission comes directly from the payment we receive from the new agency.

All users begin at the Starter Affiliate level and are therefore eligible for 20% of all subscription payments. This includes the initial payment and each subsequent payment each month after. If the user cancels their subscription, you will no longer receive a commission for that account.

You can increase your commission rate by increasing your affiliate level. The structure for affiliate levels is as follows:

  • Starter Level - 0-19 Referrals = 20% Commission

  • Diamond Level - 20-39 Referrals = 30% Commission

  • Legend Level - 40+ Referrals = 40% Commission

You will gain payments for each referral so long as they have an active subscription. Referrals that cancel are subtracted from your active referrals, which can lower your affiliate level if you fall below the required threshold.

If you receive a commission from a referral that results in a refund or a chargeback, we will deduct that amount from the next payment.

Fulfillment Commission

In addition to platform commission, you can earn additional income through a fulfillment commission. DashClicks platform users do not need to purchase any services from our fulfillment store to take advantage of our software.

However, each time a referred user purchases an additional subscription from that store, you can receive an additional 5% commission that will be paid separately. Setup fees are included in your commission.

This includes subscriptions for:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • SEO

  • Content

  • Social Posting

Final Notes

DashClicks will pay your commission rate on the 1st and 15th of the month. Our system will automatically check for active software and fulfillment subscriptions that exist due to your referral link.

The system will then determine the correct affiliate level for your account and calculate the total amount you are to be paid based on your earned commission rate. Checking twice per month allows you to get paid sooner for your performance as an affiliate as opposed to waiting for the full 30 days to elapse.

All affiliates are required to have a Stripe account in order to receive payment. Ensure that you integrate your account with our platform to avoid any delays in payment.

Finally, any sales we receive from sub-accounts will not count toward your totals. We only track sales from other main accounts only.

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