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The DashClicks Pro plan, priced at $99 per month or $997 per year, offers all-inclusive access to our features without any limitations. This plan is perfect for those looking for an all-in-one solution for their business needs.

For those who wish to use specific services, DashClicks fulfillment services can be individually purchased in the Fulfillment Center. These services include add-ons like Sites and Listings.

Below, you will find a comparison of the access to dashboard options provided by the Free plan and the DashClicks Pro plan.

Pricing and Features for DashClicks Plans

1. Free Plan:

This plan is free and allows you to purchase individual DashClicks fulfillment services as needed. You will have access to basic settings but no applications will be accessible. With the free plan, you do not have access to invite or manage sub-accounts. If you downgrade to the free plan from a paid plan, you will still be able to maintain fulfillment services and sites that you had purchased on the paid plan and continue to purchase those on the free plan.

Note: If you had sub-accounts on a paid plan and then downgrade to the free plan, your sub-accounts will no longer be able to access their dashboards and you can no longer access those sub-accounts either. If those sub-accounts had sites integrated, you can still manage those sites within the Fulfillment Center but the sub-accounts will no longer have access to manage those sites on their end.

2. DashClicks Pro Plan:

The DashClicks Pro plan provides unrestricted access to all our services, applications, software, and allows you to add unlimited sub-accounts.

  • Monthly: $99 per month

  • Annually: $83 per month, billed annually at $997

Note: InstaSites, InstaReports, SMSs, and emails are paid for individually as per usage. For more information on usage pricing, please refer to the respective article here.

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