All of your invited contacts are able to create free sub-accounts within the DashClicks platform. If they wish to take advantage of additional features, they can purchase their own platform subscription plan within their account subscription settings.

However, they will not have access to various applications and features that are primarily utilized for prospecting and white-labeling your services. You can verify what your sub-accounts have access to in this help article here.

The cost for platform subscriptions is the same for both main accounts and sub-accounts. However, the main account is also charged a wholesale price automatically through their integrated Stripe account in the payments settings for each active sub-account subscription. Therefore, the sub-account subscription pricing is as follows:






Forever Free


($27/Month Wholesale)


($97/Month Wholesale)


($197/Month Wholesale)


Forever Free

$984 Annually

(291.60/Annually Wholesale)

$3,024 Annually

($1,047.60/Annually Wholesale

$6,084 Annually

($2,127.60/Annually Wholesale)

You must have a payment method activated in order to successfully add sub-accounts to your main account. After your payment method is active, we will automatically charge your account monthly for the wholesale pricing attached to the sub-account. You can learn how to activate and manage your payments here.

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