The following document will show users how they can utilize their settings to track their credit usage with their active subscription plan.

Accessing Your Credit Usage Tracking

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

  2. From the column on the left, click on Usage underneath Billing Preferences.

Reading Your Global Account Usage

The Usage page will detail how many credits your account is currently using out of the total number allowed by your current subscription plan. This includes Platform limits as well as the various limits imposed for each Application.


The colored bar serves as a visual tracker to display how many credits have been spent. You can find the exact number on the right in the format โ€œX of Y.โ€ X equals the number of credits used while Y is the number remaining.

Your global account usage currently tracks:

  • Team Member Seats

  • Emails

  • SMS

  • Contacts

  • Forms

  • Inbound Campaigns

  • Pipelines

  • Templates

  • InstaReports

  • InstaSites

  • Tracked SEO Keywords

Your current plan details are also available on the right to serve as a reminder of what limits you are allowed with your current subscription tier.

If you find that your team is regularly using up or exceeding your monthly allotted credits, consider upgrading your monthly plan.

You can learn how to upgrade your subscription plan by reviewing our help article on managing subscriptions here.

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