Images for Content

You may submit unique images at any time for our team to use by utilizing our Slack channel. Alternatively, you can replace and upload your photos any time after we post your content. Note - be sure to add the appropriate alt text to any uploaded photos to help your SEO efforts. Check your CMS’s help center for more information on how to do this.

Are Images Necessary?

Although text carries the greatest burden, images are universally considered necessary by marketing experts for various reasons. A quality image (or several) can help break up text in an otherwise lengthy article. This makes it easier to digest the text while allowing the images to support what’s written.

Supporting images also enhances your SEO efforts. Pages with a featured image are more likely to rank higher than pages with text only. Users are also more likely to trust and click on links with high-quality images.

Are Custom Images Better than Licensed Images?

Unique images may also boost your results in the long run. This is because many brands may utilize the same stock photo, running the risk of blending in with the rest. Users can also typically identify a stock image from a unique photo you’ve taken yourself. Personalized images can increase trust, credibility, and help you forge a more personal connection with your audience.

Video for Content

Video content is not included in any of the currently available content subscriptions. Our team does not create or have access to any video content to feature on your website. If you wish to feature a video on a piece of content, the responsibility falls upon you to upload it.

Videos for InstaSites or Custom Website Content

You may wish to upload video content to any InstaSite or custom website created by our team. Though these two services do not concern a content subscription, content is often ordered simultaneously. In this event, a website developer can upload your video for you if:

  • The video content is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (due to platform limitations)

  • The video link is shared with all assets requested during setup

Are Videos Necessary?

Videos are tremendously powerful when it comes to SEO efforts, but should only be used if they support the written content rather than distract from it. Likewise, a video will not make up for poor copy within the article.

However, analytics show that pages with a video embed tend to rank higher than those without one. You might consider adding video content to other areas of your website. A quality video can increase a visitor’s on-page time and help them better understand your products or services.

What You Receive with a Subscription

Our team will always provide one (1) licensed image per piece of content ordered. These are also referred to as “stock” images and are added to your copy at the time of posting. All uploaded photos will be in the appropriate resolution to avoid blurry photos and/or a lack of quality.

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