The Approval Process

All of your content pieces will be submitted simultaneously via Slack for you to review with your client. The flow of the monthly content process will look as follows:

  • Topic Submissions

  • Topic Approval

  • Content Submissions / Approval Request

  • Revision Requests

  • Final Approval Request

  • Posting

You should review the content to ensure that all information written is accurate. You should also make note of any opportunities to modify the content to your liking.

If the results are satisfactory, message your project manager advising them that the content has your approval. If we have access to your website, a team member will handle the posting on your behalf. If we have not gained access, responsibility for posting content falls to you.

If you are unsatisfied and wish to request revisions, you will do so at this stage of the process.

How to Properly Submit Revision Requests

If you or your client require changes to content, you may request one (1) rewrite. This generally applies to content that unfortunately misses the mark in terms of your expectations. If you wish to have specific changes to a piece of content, you must submit a list of these changes all at once in an organized fashion.

Note - Our team must fulfill its obligation to write the content that you order with your plan. If you do not approve topics after multiple communication attempts, we will select topics and write them for you. In this instance, you are no longer eligible for a rewrite and accept full responsibility for the content that your client receives.

What Happens Next

After we complete your revisions, we will re-submit the content for approval. Once the content receives official approval, we will move forward with posting it to your website. If you do not have a website or have not provided credentials, responsibility for posting falls to you.

If we complete your rewrite, you will no longer be eligible for additional changes or rewrites. However, Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Your project manager will be happy to speak with and work with you in any extenuating circumstances.

What to Do When You Are Not Satisfied with Your Content

In any event that your content is unsatisfactory, we encourage you to work closely with your designated project manager in Slack. If you have specific ideas about what you want your content to look like, our writers will benefit from clear communication and instruction. The content we produce is done so in a way to primarily boosts your SEO results.

If you use your rewrite, but still require small changes, speak with your project manager. We will do what we can to accommodate your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

If we did not address revisions from a previous request, please notify your project manager. Refer to your previously sent messages in Slack when calling attention to missed revisions. We will investigate what went wrong and provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

If you exhaust these methods and are still not happy with the results, you can file a support ticket through this help center. The team will perform an investigation into what went wrong and contact you with updates as they are available. In any event that our team fails to uphold its responsibilities, you will be eligible for a complete refund.

What to Do if You Did Not Receive Your Content

If you do not receive your content around the expected date, please contact your project manager immediately. Though we strive to deliver content at approximately the same date each month, submissions may fluctuate by a few days depending upon current queue times. You should never miss your content in any given month of your subscription.

If you speak with your representative and still do not receive your content, please file a support ticket as soon as possible. We will investigate the issue and ensure that your requests are met promptly. If you’d prefer to receive a refund for your missed content and cancel your subscription, advise a representative using the support ticket portal provided above.

Note - if you already have an active subscription and order additional content at a later date, you may not receive all of your content at once. This is because tasks are delegated to our team automatically by order date. Content from a subscription earlier in the month would come first, and content ordered later would come approximately at that later time.

If you would prefer to receive all of your content at once, please notify a project manager of your request. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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