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Configuring Events for Targeting, Optimization, and Measurement
Configuring Events for Targeting, Optimization, and Measurement
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Facebook provides business owners with the Facebook Pixel to better target audiences, optimize campaigns, and measure results. The Pixel is vital to ensuring campaign success when you purchase Facebook Ads.

To set up events, you will need to have a verified domain on Facebook. This is due to a recent privacy policy update, and you can learn how to do this here. All clients will need to establish a verified domain before we can begin ad fulfillment.

We also strongly recommend granting our team administrative access to your Facebook ads account and Facebook Pixel. You can learn how to do this without providing your login credentials here. You will be able to revoke permissions and change roles at any time.

If for any reason you do not grant permission to access and edit the Facebook Pixel, our team will not be able to set up the necessary events. You will be entirely responsible for setting up the necessary events within your Facebook Business Manager.

If you would prefer to permit us to do the work, please follow the link above. Otherwise, continue below to learn how to configure events on Facebook:

How to Configure Events on Facebook

  1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager account.

  2. Navigate to “Events Manager.”

  3. Select the Pixel you intend to use for your ad campaigns. If you do not have a Facebook Pixel, learn how to create one here.

  4. Click on “Aggregated Event Measurement.”

  5. Click “Configure Web Events.” Read through the prompts, then click “Next.”

  6. Select the domain you wish to verify and use. If you already used the instructions above to verify your domain, you can skip ahead.

  7. Next, select “Edit Events.”

  8. Select the Pixel and choose the event you wish to configure under “Event Name.”

  9. Select the number of value sets you want to set up under “Configured Event Usage.”

  10. Repeat these steps for each event you wish to configure. Note - You have a limit of eight (8) per verified domain.

  11. Organize your events by order of priority from highest at the top, to lowest at the bottom.

  12. Click “Apply.” If everything appears correct, check the box and click “Confirm.”

Feel free to speak to your Project Manager to learn more about events and how to prioritize them. Remember, you can greatly simplify the Facebook Ads fulfillment process by granting our team permission to access and edit the Ads Account and Facebook Pixel.

Failure to follow these instructions will greatly impact our ability to fulfill your purchased service.

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