Due to recent privacy policy updates on Apple iOS, you can no longer run advertisements on Facebook without verifying your domain. In addition to this, each verified domain is limited to just eight (8) tracked events. You can learn more about events here.

What This Means for Facebook Ads Fulfillment

Before this update, domain verification was not necessary to complete fulfillment services when using your website as the domain. Now, fulfilling your ads will be impossible without your full cooperation. You will need to follow the instructions shown below in Granting Facebook Partner Access & Permissions to avoid service interruptions.

How to Verify Your Domain on Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook Business Manager.

  2. In the left side column, go to the bottom and click Settings.

  3. Once again on the left, click More Business Settings.

  4. On the new page on the left side, click Brand Safety. Then, click Domains.

  5. Click on the Add button and enter the domain you are using for Facebook ads fulfillment. Then, click Add.

Next, you will need to utilize one of three methods to verify domain ownership. Choose whichever is most convenient.

Method One: Add a DNS TXT Entry to Your DNS Record

  1. Go to the DNS Records for your domain host.

  2. Add the given TXT record to your DNS configuration.

  3. Add @ to the Host field (if required).

  4. Allow the changes to propagate across your domain’s web servers. This can take anywhere from minutes to 48 hours. After the process completes, select “Verify” for the selected domain.

  5. Do not remove the TXT entry. Facebook may check back regularly to re-verify.

Note - The exact instructions may vary slightly depending upon your registrar. If you have issues with this method, please contact them immediately.

Method Two: Upload HTML File to Your Web Directory

  1. Download the HTML verification file for your selected domain.

  2. Upload the file to the root directory of your website. You can utilize the link provided in the HTML File Upload tab to confirm it is working.

  3. When the upload completes, select the “Verify” button.

  4. Do not remove the HTML file. Facebook may check back regularly to re-verify.

Method Three: Add a Meta Tag to the <head> Section of the Home Page

  1. Add the meta tag containing the verification code you receive when selecting this option to your domain home page.

  2. Confirm that the tag is visible by going to the home page and viewing the HTML source code.

  3. After you confirm the tag is present, click “Verify” at the bottom of the Meta Tag Verification tab.

  4. Do not remove the meta tag. Facebook may check back regularly to re-verify.

Associate Your Business Page with the Verified Domain

To complete the process, you will need to now associate any Facebook Business pages you wish to associate with the verified domain. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. Select the domain under the “Domains” tab. Then, select “Pages” under Assigned Assets.

  2. Click on “Assign Pages.”

  3. Select the page you wish to add to your domain.

  4. Click “Save Changes.”

  5. Verify that your page exists under Assigned Assets for the domain.

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