Facebook may require you to verify that your Business Manager account actually belongs to your business. This generally becomes a factor when your business requires access to certain developer features, WhatsApp, and more. You will also need to verify if your business runs ads regarding social and political issues.

Verifying and claiming responsibility for your Facebook page protects your credibility and will generally help you appear higher in Facebook search results.

How to Verify Your Business

These are the steps to follow if you need to begin the business verification process:

  1. Log in to the Facebook Business Manager account.

  2. Head to the Security Center. You can review your verification status and see if you are eligible to begin verification. If you are eligible, click “Begin Verification.”

  3. The first step of Facebook’s verification process requests that you prove your personal identity. If you are already running ads and have a direct credit line set up in your Ads account, you should be able to submit this as proof.

    If you do not have a direct form of payment attached to the account, you will need to upload and submit a government-issued photo ID.

  4. Next, you will need to submit the business details listed in the prompts. This information may or may not become publicly visible depending on the nature of your advertisements.

  5. You will see a prompt to select your business from a list. If you are able to find your business, go to Step 6. If your business does not appear, skip to the next set of instructions at the bottom of this page.

  6. Select a phone number for your business.

  7. Request a verification code to the phone number above or via email. Alternatively, you can use a verified domain if you already have one. You can learn more about domain verification here.

  8. Submit the verification code.

The business verification process is now complete on your end. You likely will not receive a confirmation immediately. You should receive a notification whenever Facebook responds, and you can also check your status in the security center.

What to Do if Your Business is Not Listed

If you are not able to locate your business on Facebook during Step 5 above, here is what you will need to do to complete the process:

  1. Upload documentation proving the registration of the business. You will likely need to provide at least three (3) forms of documentation. This can include:

    - Business License
    - Articles of Incorporation
    - Business Tax Registration
    - Business Bank Statement
    - Employer Identification Number
    - IRS SS-4
    - ISR 147c

    If you have a business outside of the United States, please refer to this list from Facebook to see what articles will suffice.

  2. Upload a form of documentation that lists the business with the mailing address and phone number.

It may take several days for Facebook to finish the verification process. You should receive a notification when ready. Alternatively, check the security center regularly to review your pending status.

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