Facebook Ads Setup
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Initial Data Request

Upon submission of your completed onboarding, the system will immediately delegate your task to our marketing experts. They will begin the setup process by carefully reviewing your onboarding, studying your website as well as your competitors, and verifying Facebook access.

You will receive an invitation to a Slack channel for your company. If you are a new customer, you will receive a general welcome message from the CEO to help you familiarize yourself with the platform.

Upon completing the necessary preparation work, you will receive a second welcome message from the project manager overseeing your Facebook Ads campaign. This message serves to help you understand our general workflow and to request/verify key information, including:

Verify Offer and Campaign Details

This is to ensure the offer listed in your client’s onboarding is accurate. If they did not list an offer, we will need to establish a goal for the campaign before proceeding. Your experienced Facebook Ads Manager will work with you and offer insight as to what may work well based on the business industry.

Confirming Partner Access and Your Facebook Pixel

We will also require partner access to gain control of your business ad account. We require you to provide access as part of the onboarding process. If your client marks this as complete without granting access, we will need to configure the setup at this time. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager or ad account, you must create them before proceeding.

Note - These permissions grant partner access only. It will appear in your account as ‘Dashboard Connection.’ The original account owner will maintain full control and be able to revoke privileges at any time.

Verify Payment and Remove Spending Limits

The account in question must have an active payment method. Your client also needs to remove spending limits, so that your project manager can adjust the budget as needed. Simply follow these steps as necessary:

  1. Ask your client to log into their Facebook Ads Manager account.

  2. Navigate to Payment Settings.

You will see a list of available payment methods. If your client does not have one or needs to update their payment method, simply select ‘Add Payment Method’ above.

To remove your payment limit:

  1. Remain with Payment Settings.

  2. Next, navigate to ‘Set Your Account Spending Limit.’

  3. Click ‘Remove,’ followed by ‘Remove Limit.’

Request Media Assets

Our Facebook Ads team will require assets such as company logos, images, and/or video if applicable for the offer. Your project manager may make requests based on your industry or the type of promotion you’re attempting to use.

We may provide a certain number of licensed images to utilize in the ads. However, you are nearly guaranteed to not receive the type of results you will receive with personalized images that are unique to your brand.

Video is also highly effective at communicating messages quickly and effectively. Your project manager may request a short video that your client can record with something as simple as their smartphone. Though we offer no formal script writing service, we can guide the key points your client should communicate.

Ad Set Creation

With the initial setup complete, our Facebook Ads team will begin crafting your advertisements immediately. You should expect to receive your first ad set shortly after confirming access (roughly one week). We generally recommend that this initial campaign will focus on awareness or consideration. However, this choice is unique to the client and previous experience within the ad account.

Our team builds the advertisements directly into your ad account. Once we complete the ads, we will turn the campaign off to ensure that nothing goes live before you and your client have had an opportunity to review the ads. In addition to this initial ad set, our team will continue creating the number of ads purchased as described in your active subscription plan.

Revision and Approval of Facebook Ads

Upon receiving your new ads from our Facebook Ads team, you will have an opportunity to review and submit revision requests. Our fulfillment team handles requests based on the number of billable hours required to complete them.

In other words, quick changes to copy require very little to put into effect. Scrapping your ads and creating a brand new targeting set requires more time and effort to complete. Your subscription plan details your monthly time limit on revisions, which scales accordingly with higher subscription tiers and additional ad sets.

With this in mind, you may communicate your revision requests to your project manager through our communications channel. Please list any changes to images or copy them in detail, so that our team can make use of your revision time effectively. Your project manager will inform you if you use up your allotted revision time, and will do their best to accommodate you as best as they can.

Your ad campaign will go live only after receiving full approval. We do not submit ads for approval through any other means. We advise you to notify your client that new ads will appear in their account, but will not go live or utilize ad spend before receiving their approval.

Going Live and Monitoring Your Campaign

After receiving approval, your first campaign will go live. For a new ad account, our Facebook Ads team utilizes this first campaign to focus on promoting awareness and discovery. As active social media users view or click on your ads, Facebook’s algorithm will begin collecting data about each of these users. Once we collect enough data regarding user activity and interactions with your ads, we can begin focusing on retargeting for conversions.

During this time, you will have access to weekly reports, which your project manager can provide through our communications channel.

You can also integrate your Facebook Ads account into the Analytics app at any time. You can learn how to do this here.

Finally, you can track your Facebook Ads activity directly within Facebook.

Note - Please notify your project manager before attempting to turn off or make any changes to the campaign. Making premature alterations to the campaign can effectively reset any learning progress thus far, hindering your client’s overall results. Your project manager will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Adding the Pixel to Your Website

When we’re ready to go live with your campaign, we will also need to install the Facebook Pixel on your website. If you wish to utilize your existing website’s home page, you must provide the login credentials. The Facebook Pixel is a code snippet that goes into the website’s header and will cause no visible changes to the site’s appearance or functionality.

You should create and verify the Facebook pixel as part of the initial setup. If for some reason you do not have a Facebook Pixel, check the help article listed above.

If you do not wish to provide login credentials and are comfortable installing the Pixel, we can provide you with the code as necessary.

If you purchased the funnel-building service alongside your Facebook Ads, our team will complete the Pixel install upon completion of the funnel. This will require no additional action on your part.

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