What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a convenient and powerful way for businesses to advertise on social media. These two platforms are the most popular social platforms in the world, making them prime real estate for marketing success.


Our team fulfills your Facebook and Instagram needs by performing the campaign build, regular maintenance, and providing expert recommendations to generate a steady stream of leads. These ads can direct visitors to special offers and promotions, or provide general brand awareness.

Facebook and Instagram utilize the same campaign manager, making it simple to monitor your campaign performance on either social platform. The all-in-one platform also makes it convenient to manage your budget, track performance, and highly target your advertisements.

How Facebook Calculates Ad Costs

Facebook calculates the cost of your ads and optimizes them based upon the following terms of your choosing:

  • CPA or cost-per-action - You select the type of action and pay a price every time a user performs this action thanks to an ad. This includes purchasing, downloading, or any other type of conversion.

  • CPC or cost-per-click - Use your ads to drive people to your website. Pay for each click you receive on your Facebook ads

  • CPL or cost-per-like - Use your ads to promote community interaction and page likes. Pay for each 'like' you receive from your ads.

  • CPM or cost-per-mille - Optimize and pay for ads for every 1,000 impressions.

  • CPV or cost-per-view - Optimize your ads to maximize video content views and view duration. Pay for each view of your video ad.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

What You Will Need

To pursue Facebook Ads fulfillment, you must possess the following:

  • A Personal Facebook Profile - You need this to create your business accounts.

  • A Facebook Business Manager Account - This allows you to create and manage your ad campaigns for both social platforms.

  • Facebook and Instagram Business Pages - These are pages for your business that users can visit to check for updates. The Business Manager organizes your ad campaigns by business page, allowing you to add multiple businesses to a single Business Manager Account.

  • Facebook Ad Account - This is the ad account for the business client in question

  • Facebook Pixel - The Facebook pixel is just a few lines of code that we place in the header of a website. This code is unique to the business and allows you to effectively track conversions, optimize your campaigns, and create targeted audiences for remarketing purposes.

  • A Verified Domain - This is a domain for a website that your business owns. A domain is necessary for this fulfillment service.

  • A Payment Method for Your Ad Account

Additional Services to Support Your Ads

While not required, our company offers several fulfillment services that can help to support and enhance your ad campaigns. Be sure to review the following services before making a final decision in regards to Facebook and Instagram ads purchase. You can also notify your Paid Ads manager at any time about adding additional services.


A funnel is a powerful method of converting a cold audience into potential or active customers. Simply seeing a promotional ad may not be enough to convince someone that is casually scrolling through their feed.

Your Facebook ads will call a visitor’s attention and link them to your funnel landing page. This allows you to more effectively pitch your offer to customers and maximize your conversions.

Call Tracking

Call conversions are the most important metric when running an ad campaign. This is especially true for service-based lead campaigns. We create a call tracking number featured in the ad campaign that allows your audience to connect with you.

Your paid ads manager can track each call and use the information to modify and improve your campaign. Without call tracking, there is no way to track or measure campaign performance. Call track is generally unnecessary for eCommerce, as you will be tracking metrics through sales instead.

Industries with Restrictions and Regulations

Most paid ad services feature policies, restrictions, and regulations in regards to what you may include in advertisements. This can apply to CBD, drugs, tobacco and related products, misleading or unapproved health products, and sexual content.

Before purchasing, be sure to review Facebook’s policy to ensure that we can successfully run ad campaigns for your client.

Selecting the Right Plan

Our company currently offers four (4) different tiers of subscription plans to help you achieve your desired results:


The Basic Facebook Ads package provides:

  • 1 Campaign, 2 Ad Sets, 4 Ads, 1 Ad Copy Variation Allowed

Each Facebook Ads subscription tier features the following campaign objectives:

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Conversions

This plan also includes:


  • Gain Business Manager Access

  • Conversion Tracking Setup

  • Pixel Setup & Install

  • Pixel Event Testing

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Demographics Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Campaign Setup

  • Ad Set Setup

  • Ads Setup

  • Ad Scheduling

  • Custom Audience Upload

  • Campaign QA

  • Campaign Approval Link

  • Crossposting to Instagram

  • Campaign Launch

  • Post Launch Checkpoints


  • Campaign Optimization

  • Strategy Enhancement

  • Ad Optimization

  • Ad Split Testing

  • Ad Frequency Management

  • Audience A/B Testing & Optimization

  • Lookalike Audience Creation

  • Remarketing

  • Weekly Optimization Report

  • Monthly Progress Report

This tier is for campaigns utilizing $500 - $2,000 in monthly ad spend.


The Plus Facebook Ads package provides:

  • 2 Campaigns, 4 Ad Sets, 8 Ads, 2 Ad Copy Variations Allowed

This plan also includes:


  • Everything Included in Pro


  • Everything Included in Pro

This tier is for campaigns utilizing $2,000 - $4,000 in monthly ad spend.


The Premium Facebook Ads package provides:

  • 3 Campaigns, 6 Ad Sets, 12 Ads, 3 Ad Copy Variations Allowed

This plan also includes:


  • Everything Included in Plus

  • 3 Custom Graphics for Image Ads


  • Everything Included in Plus

This tier is for campaigns utilizing $4,000 - $8,000 in monthly ad spend.


The Elite Facebook Ads package provides:

  • 4 Campaigns, 8 Ad Sets, 16 Ads, 4 Ad Copy Variations


  • Everything Included in Premium

  • 4 Custom Graphics for Image Ads


  • Everything Included in Premium

This tier is for campaigns utilizing $8,000+ in monthly ad spend.

Placing Your Order

To select your content plan and place your order, navigate to our Fulfillment store page by clicking on the app drawer in the top-right corner. Then, click on Fulfillment Store at the very bottom.

All of our products and services can be found in the left-side column. Click on Content to select a monthly subscription plan. Then, click Buy.


A menu will appear prompting you to select a business to receive this content marketing subscription. You can either use the dropdown to select an existing business or click the purple + button to add a new one.


Then, click Add to Cart. You will notice that the cart icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard will update with the number of items added. When you're ready, click Check Out.



This basic page will display your cart total first and foremost at the top of the page. If you wish to add anything else to your order, you can follow the Back to Shopping link. You can also adjust your existing cart such as changing the quantity or deleting an item by clicking the red X.


If you're ready to proceed, click Continue.

Selecting Payment and Placing Your Order

You will have one final opportunity to review your order while being asked to enter your payment details. You can select an existing payment method you have on file with the dropdown menu or click Add New Card to enter a new one.


After entering your payment information, click Place Your Order to finalize.

Facebook Ads Onboarding

After your successful checkout, you and your client will need to fill out onboarding documentation.

Purchasing a subscription for a client will prompt our system to send an automated email on your behalf prompting them to access the sub-account for their business. After gaining access to their new sub-account, they will be able to find and complete the onboarding for the Facebook Ads service.

The onboarding is easy to complete and requests the following information:

Facebook Information

This page of the onboarding exists to request information in regards to your Business Manager and Facebook ad account. To complete this section and to receive Facebook Ads fulfillment services, please ensure that you have the following:

Fill in all of the mandatory fields as necessary. Utilize these additional help documents to create new accounts or to verify if you already have an existing one.

Business Information

This is your opportunity to provide some background for your business, its unique value proposition, and what your typical conversion rate looks like currently. We also need to know your target location. Our campaign managers will utilize all of this information to create a campaign best suited to meet your goals.

We also request to know three (3) of your direct competitors. Scoping out the competition is just as vital as researching target audiences. This will help us achieve the best results possible.

Branding Information

This section will help our ads team with the creative aspects of your advertisements. Please include any copy you wish to share as well as specific examples of copy you’d like your brand to avoid.

Additional information we may wish to feature includes awards, slogans, and other notable facts that separate your business from competitors.

Lastly, please notify us of any legal requirements or limitations for your marketing. Your profession may require you to disclose your license at all times. Likewise, certain brand affiliations may require you to follow additional guidelines.

Campaign Information

This is information that will help us create the proper campaign for our objectives. You will need to list your monthly budget, your objective, and an overview of your promotion.

Demographics are also necessary to help us with initial targeting. As the campaign goes on, we will continue to analyze, refine, and retarget to get you the most leads possible within your desired audience.

Facebook Access

This is the final onboarding step. You must follow these instructions precisely to receive your Facebook Ads fulfillment. To grant access to your Business Manager and ad accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook and click on the Business Manager at the top left of the page. Go to ‘Business Settings.’

  2. Locate the toolbar on the left and select ‘Partners’ which you can find below Users.

  3. Next, click the blue ‘+ Add’ button.

  4. Under Partner Business ID, enter this number exactly: 999966873361100. Click ‘Next.’

  5. You should be on the Assign Assets screen. From here, select your business page. Click on the toggle switch for ‘Manage Page’ to provide us with adequate permissions.

  6. Select ‘Ad Accounts.’ Locate the correct ad account for the business and select the toggle to enable ‘Manage Ad Account.’

  7. Select ‘Pixels.’ Locate the pixel for the business and select the toggle to enable ‘Manage Pixel.’

  8. Finally, select ‘Save Changes.’

One final step is to confirm that our team now possesses access to your Business Manager, ad account, and Pixel. Do not click to confirm if these steps are not complete. We cannot begin your campaign without access. Failure to ignore these instructions will delay your campaign.

Setup for Facebook Ads

After you or your client completes and submits the onboarding, your setup work will begin. Our Facebook ads team will carefully review your onboarding, visit your listed websites, and begin making preliminary project plans.

If this is your first time purchasing a fulfillment service for this client, you will receive an invite to join a new Slack channel. This is our primary tool for fulfillment communications. Your company channel is private and will only be available to you and our team.

Note - You may not invite your client or anyone unrelated to the project into the channel. You may invite members of your team as necessary. Please notify the fulfillment manager before attempting to do so.

Access Confirmation and Asset Request

You will receive a welcome message from your Facebook ads campaign manager shortly after the completion of your onboarding. During this initial step, we will work with you to accomplish the following:

  • Verify Offer/Strategy and Campaign Details - This is to ensure that your client’s onboarding is accurate. If something changes from your onboarding, notify us immediately.

  • Confirm Partner Access - This is mandatory to begin your project. If you require assistance, please refer to this help document. Note - this is partner access only. You and your client will still maintain access and control of the accounts.

  • Remove Spending Limit - You must remove a spending limit from your ad account before beginning the campaign.

  • Verify Payment Method

  • Verify the Facebook Pixel - If you do not have a Facebook Pixel, you can learn how to create one using this document.

  • Request Media Assets - We strongly encourage you to provide logos, images, and a video if applicable for the offer. Your project manager may suggest and request fresh assets per their strategy. This is to help you maximize your client’s results.

Ad Set Creation

After receiving your assets and confirming the campaign details, these materials head directly to our Facebook Ads team. We will create your initial ad set, which we recommend focusing on awareness or consideration. We will utilize your assets as well as licensed images if necessary.

For some offers, a video strategy may prove more effective. Your project manager may request your client to record a short video that sells your offer in these circumstances. We will discuss these requests as well as any script possibilities well in advance.

We will build the ads directly into your Facebook ad account. This process will take approximately 5-7 business days. Note that we will turn the campaign off to ensure that no ads go live before you and your client have had an opportunity to review them.

In addition to your initial ad set, our team will continue creating the number of ads purchased as described in your current subscription plan. You can expect to receive all of your purchased ads no later than the end of the first month.

Revisions and Approval

Upon completion, your project manager will send your completed ads for approval. This is your opportunity to propose any last-minute changes to the copy or graphics. Our team can provide a certain number of revision hours per month as described in your subscription plan. We request that you thoroughly review the ads and provide a complete list of changes. We utilize this process for the following reasons:

  • To ensure clear and effective communication

  • To prevent mistakes or delays with your campaign

  • To keep a clear record of requested and completed work

It can take up to one business day to complete a requested revision. Once we complete your requested revisions and receive final approval, your campaign manager will see that your campaign goes live as soon as possible. Once your ads are live, it is best practice to leave them unchanged for a set period.

Our system gathers data and metrics in real-time, and will automatically adjust bidding throughout the day to maximize your results. When more than one campaign is live, that same system will also redistribute your budget to the best-performing campaigns based on the day of the week or time of day. This helps to drastically lower your CPL overall.

Monthly Maintenance

Once your Facebook Ads are live, we will actively monitor campaign performance to get you the best results possible. We will track vital metrics such as reach, engagement, relevance, and click-through rates. This early period focuses on allowing the algorithm to gather as much data as possible regarding audiences.

Note - It is essential not to declare an ad ineffective too soon. Making changes to an ad or pausing the campaign will completely reset progress, putting your campaign back at square one. Once we adequately gather enough marketing data, we can begin to eliminate poor-performing ads and introduce improved ones.

Budget Monitoring and Adjustment

One of our primary goals is to honor your ad spending budget. This means we will actively look to eliminate ads showing lackluster results and pitch new ideas based on the marketing data we receive from Facebook.

Likewise, if we find that your CPL (cost-per-lead) starts to climb, we will pursue alternate strategies to keep spending low.

Creating New Custom Audiences

Once we manage to collect the necessary data from the early days of your campaign, we can begin to explore new custom audiences. This allows us to effectively retarget potential customers that click your ads, visit your websites or funnel, and anyone else that engages with your brand at some level.

We not only pursue those active users but utilize their demographic data to create what is known as a “lookalike” audience. This makes it easier for your ads to reach users with similar browsing and purchasing habits. This enhanced targeting improves your conversion rates and lowers your CPL overall.

Our initial campaign during setup generally focuses on awareness and consideration. However, this is entirely dependent on what you desire for your client as well as the ad account's previous history. The number of active campaigns you receive through monthly maintenance will depend upon your current subscription plan.


Every week we offer weekly optimization breakdowns, which can be sent to you via our communications channel. The dashboard also offers data reporting 24/7 to display leads collected from our call tracking or funnel-building service (purchased separately). Any additional data not covered in the dashboard or the breakdowns can be found directly in your Facebook Ads account.

Billing & Subscription

Billing Cycle

Upon placing your order, you will receive your first bill for Facebook and Ads fulfillment immediately. This bill includes the first month of maintenance as well as the initial setup fee.

Our PPC ad campaigns typically require up to two (2) full weeks for setup from the date of purchase. For this reason, we delay your second month’s billing appropriately.

For example, if you place your Facebook and Ads purchases on the first of the month, you receive a charge for that month’s setup and maintenance immediately. Roughly two weeks later (the 14th of the month), your ads receive approval and go live. If you maintain your subscription going forward, you will receive a charge for each subsequent month on the 14th.

Canceling Your Subscription

If you are unsatisfied with your content marketing or no longer require it, you may cancel your content marketing subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to Settings. Then, click on Subscriptions at the bottom of the left-side column under Billing Preferences.

  3. Under Other Subscriptions, you can use the dropdown to select the business that possesses the subscription you wish to cancel. On the right where it says Active, click on the three-dotted line to access a sub-menu. Then, click Deactivate.


Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

If you would like to upgrade your current content marketing plan to a higher or lower tier, use the instructions above to access your Subscription settings. Then, click Upgrade/Downgrade.

A menu will appear allowing you to compare plans. Your existing plan will say Active Plan. Click Add to Cart under the plan you wish to use and follow the checkout process from there. Note that the setup fee is waived as you only ever need to pay it once per client.

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