How to Verify If You Have an Ad Account

  1. Log in to Facebook and head to

  2. If you see an ad account present, verify your ad account name.

How to Create a Facebook Ad Account

If you confirm that you do not have an ad account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to Business Settings.

  2. Locate the menu on the left and click ‘Accounts,’ followed by ‘Ad Accounts.’

  3. Click the ‘Add’ link in the dropdown.

  4. You will receive three options:

  • Add an Ad Account (This adds an existing ad account to the Business Manager)

  • Request Access to an Ad Account (You can request access to someone else’s ad account. Ignore this.)

  • Create a New Ad Account (Select this to start fresh)

Finally, follow the steps on-screen to create an ad account for your business and to associate it with your Business Manager. If you need assistance with granting partner access, please refer to this document.

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