How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Method One

There are two primary ways you can create a business page for your business.

  1. Go to Facebook here.

  2. The page will allow you to select ‘Business or Brand’ or ‘Community or Public Figure.’ Select ‘Business or Brand.’

  3. Complete the necessary steps to create and customize the profile.

Method Two

The secondary method requires a personal Facebook account.

  1. Navigate to the top-right and locate the Create menu.

  2. Click this icon and click on Page below within this menu.

  3. On the left side of the screen, you will find the Create a Page menu.

    Here, you will need to enter a name for your Facebook Business page.

    Then, enter a category that best describes your business or organization.

    Finally, use the 255-character limit to enter a brief description of your business including what it does, the services provided, and the purpose of the page.

  4. After you enter the required information, click Create Page at the bottom.

How to Create an Instagram Business Page

  1. Head to Instagram and click ‘Sign Up.’

  2. Follow the steps to create a profile for your business. For now, this will appear as a general profile.

  3. Once you create your profile, head to the menu in the top-right and select ‘Settings.’

  4. Select ‘Account.’ Within the account settings, select ‘Switch to Professional Account.’

  5. Add your business details. You may also connect this Instagram business page directly to your Facebook business page at this time.

  6. Select ‘Done.’

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