Our team can devote a set number of hours toward revisions as described by your current Google Ads subscription tier.

You can utilize this document as a reference to better understand our team’s revision and approval process. As always, if you have a concern that is not addressed in this document, please contact your project manager via our communications channel.

Request for Approval of Your Google Ads

Upon completing your Google Ads, your project manager will submit them to you for review via our communications channel. We do this for every fulfillment service, providing you and your client with the opportunity to sign off on any completed work.

You can expect to receive your ads for review in approximately 5 - 7 working days. You and your client should then review each aspect of these ads thoroughly. This includes the images, the copy, and the scheduled display times.

If the ads meet your expectations, please notify your project manager by using the @ symbol along with their name. Once we receive the approval notice, we immediately take the next steps to launch your campaign.

Submitting Revisions for Google Ads

If you identify changes that need to be made to your ads, please gather these revisions within one document. When you are done reviewing our work, please submit this document to your project manager within our communications channel.

We ask that you please refrain from submitting revisions one at a time at random intervals. The suggested method allows for better communication and ensures your ads will be ready as soon as possible. Please also remember how many hours of total revision time you have available per month. If you have any concerns about this, please contact your project manager.

The time it takes to complete revisions varies depending upon the nature of the request. Most requests that we receive during business hours should be completed by the end of the following business day. If you submit your request to us after hours, it may take an additional business day to complete.

Allotted Revision Time by Subscription Tier





1 Hour per Month

2 Hours per Month

3 Hours per Month

4 Hours per Month

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