This document serves to provide a brief overview of the types of maintenance tasks our team performs to enhance your ad campaigns. If your client expresses concerns or has questions about the service, refer to this document for further information.

Our team performs maintenance and optimization to all Google Ad campaigns a minimum of once per week. When we implement changes to a campaign, those changes will need time to run before we can judge their performance.

Be aware that changes early on in a campaign will reset the learning phase and it's as if the ads started running from scratch when those changes are made. Please note that we need to give ads time to perform. Sometimes campaigns perform outright, but other times they can take a bit of time to hit a good stride. This is especially true for accounts that have never been advertised before.

Ongoing Performance Review and Optimizations

Review CPA Goal

Your campaign’s CPA (Cost-per-Action) is one of many metrics we utilize to track your ad campaign performance. The CPA describes how much of your budget Google utilizes to get one visitor to click on your ad and complete a set action. This action depends on the type of campaign we are running. Examples include signing up on a lead-gen form or downloading an application.

Google calculates CPA primarily through your CPC (Cost-per-Click) and conversion rate. Clicks are valued based upon how many times an ad must display on average for a visitor to click through. The conversion rate then describes how many of those users who click through actually convert.

If either of these metrics increases, your CPA increases. This is a valuable metric as it helps you identify whether or not your business can afford the conversions you are getting at the current rate you are spending.

If the CPA goal becomes too high or goes beyond what your business is capable of budgeting, we will make every effort to reduce the CPA. There are various ways that we attempt to do this, which you can learn more about below this section.

Review & Enable Best-Performing Ad Group

At various parts of the campaign, particularly early on, we will test out different variations of ads to see how they perform. Inevitably, one group will outperform the other. We focus all efforts on the best-performing group and turn off the poor-performing one to improve your CPL.

If any groups are not performing to expectations, we will revisit and create new ads to get the results we desire. In this early learning stage, we manually keep spending low and observe until we discover a winner that’s worthy of additional budget support.

Review & Pause Poor-Performing Ads

As described above, our team will review poor-performing ads and disable them to avoid spending an unnecessary portion of your budget. These poor-performing ads may be salvageable depending upon the circumstances.

If they continue to underperform, we will appropriately scrap those ads and focus our efforts on something new based on the new information that Analytics is gathering at all times.

Review Keywords

Your Google Ads may be performing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the CPL for our chosen keywords is making the best use of your budget. Our experts are actively tracking keyword bidding among your competitors to determine the best possible strategy. It is entirely possible to get priced out of keywords simply because a competitor is willing to spend more for the top spot.

In these scenarios, our team will continue utilizing our Analytics tools to scout keywords that can yield better results for your client.

If our chosen keywords are performing well, we will refrain from any changes and allow your campaign to continue uninterrupted.

Review Demographics

Another area we have to review regularly is the targeted demographics that are seeing your ads. We will test ad performance among different audiences to increase your number of conversions. Factors include gender, age, and household income.

Our team will review demographics and locate the worst-performing groups. By eliminating poor performers, we improve the quality of the campaign and place more focus on showing your ads to interested audiences.

Intelligent Budget and Bid Pacing

By utilizing Google Analytics and various ad extensions, our system continuously gathers data and metrics in real-time. We effectively gather hundreds of unique data points, which then inform our system on how to properly adjust bidding throughout the day. This ensures that we never overspend while pursuing certain audiences or keywords. We keep your client’s CPL low and save them money on ad spend every month.

Our system is also capable of shifting the budget to the best-performing ad groups so that you’re not wasting your valuable dollars on fruitless pursuits. This is where our team will begin to make changes to display times to display your ads during the most effective days and times of the week.

Our experts are always available and monitoring your campaign each week to execute manual changes based on our recommendations. We will reach out to you if we notice the opportunity for improvement and ask for your approval before pausing or making changes to the campaign for these reasons.

Remember - All ad campaigns take time to learn and gather data. The longer a campaign runs, the more data we gather, and the more effectively we can utilize your budget. Our constant goal is to keep your client’s cost-per-lead as low as possible, and you can expect to see it drastically lower over time.

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