This document serves to help you and your client understand the process our team uses to set up and begin your Google & YouTube Ads fulfillment. Please continue reading to have your questions about each step answered.

Reviewing Your Onboarding and Google Accounts

After receiving your completed onboarding, our team will take the time to review and begin planning initial strategies. Shortly after, your project manager will send you a message through our communications channel welcoming you to our Google & YouTube ads fulfillment service.

If we have any pending concerns regarding the information you placed on the onboarding, we will discuss it with you at this time. We may simply need to verify details, but we may also need to discuss strategy if we have concerns based upon our expertise.

Finally, if you have an existing Google Ads or Google Analytics account, we will review the data within those accounts at this time. Note - It is not necessary for you to possess either, and we will be creating new accounts for the fulfillment service regardless.

Account Creation and Asset Request

Our team will simultaneously begin creating the new Google Ads and Google Analytics account for your fulfillment service. We will only be launching ads from our new account, and Google allows multiple Analytics to fire simultaneously without any real drawback. This means that our fulfillment service will not interfere with your personal account history.

Once we create the accounts, we will request the following assets and information from you and the client:

  • Payment information for the Google Ads account

  • Media assets for the campaign (Company logos, images, videos, copy suggestions)

  • Product information (for Shopping campaigns)

  • YouTube account information (for YouTube campaigns)

  • App information (for App campaigns)

Our team requires your full understanding and cooperation when it comes to obtaining the materials we need. Failure to respond to messages or provide the necessary information will likely result in service delays and possibly affect campaign performance.

By providing our team with what they need to build your campaigns, we can ensure that your client will get the results that they deserve.

Campaign Creation

Now that we have everything necessary to begin, we will begin building out your campaigns. This process takes approximately one week (business time) to complete. If our team develops ideas to further enhance your campaign results, we may contact you as we work for more information.

We will be creating a number of ad groups that you can find in your current subscription plan. Once the campaign goes live, we will track performance and shift efforts to the best-performing ads. However, you will have an opportunity to review all of our creatives before the setup process is complete and we go live.

Revision and Approval Process

The last stage of the setup process is the revision and approval process. We will never launch new ads before giving you an opportunity to review them. You and your client should thoroughly examine each of our creatives and ensure that our efforts meet your expectations.

Our team asks that you compile all of your requested revisions into one document and submit them simultaneously when you are ready. This helps to ensure clear and effective communication as notes travel from your client to our fulfillment team. When you provide edits, your client will re-enter into our service queue, adding approximately one more business day to complete.

Note - You should be aware of the revision hours allotted to you each month. Please review what’s provided in your subscription plan. Excessive requests for changes and ad replacements may no longer be possible if you exceed the time that’s available. Be aware of this each month going forward, and feel free to speak with your project manager if you have any concerns.

If you and your client are otherwise satisfied with your ads, you should advise your project manager that they have your approval. Our team will push your campaign live and your ads will begin displaying at the requested times.

Dashboard Integration

Finally, our team will integrate both Google Ads and Analytics into your dashboard. This makes it extremely easy and convenient to track performance in place of a typical monthly report. You’ll be able to review your campaign performance 24/7 by simply logging into your account.

The dashboard integration will display the following information:

  • Website traffic by device

  • Ad clicks

  • Cost-per-click

  • Clickthrough rate

  • Cost-per-action

  • Cost-per-conversion

  • Average position

  • Total cost

This allows for full transparency at all times. You and your client can see how performance improves over time and ensure that the metrics are meeting your business goals. You can then take any questions you have about these metrics and discuss them with your project manager at any time using our communications channel.

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