After your successful checkout, you and your client will need to fill out onboarding documentation.

Purchasing a subscription for a client will prompt our system to send an automated email on your behalf prompting them to access the sub-account for their business. After gaining access to their new sub-account, they will be able to find and complete the onboarding for the Google & YouTube Ads service.

The onboarding is easy to complete and requests the following information:

Login Credentials

Website & Website Hosting

DashClicks requires access to the website and website host to perform everything necessary for your Google Ads campaigns. This allows us to access the site and add the Google Tag Manager code for campaign tracking. The hosting access allows us to exclude the IP addresses of all individuals working on the account as to not interfere with audience data.

Note - If you purchase a funnel or landing page through DashClicks, we will be able to install the Google Tag Manager without your assistance.

Google Ads & Google Analytics

DashClicks must create brand-new Google Ads and Google Analytics for all new Google & YouTube Ads fulfillment orders. We do this to make absolutely certain that we maintain three degrees of separation between our efforts and your client.

However, our Ads experts may still review your accounts for previously collected data if you do have an account. Please enter the login information here so that we may review this information. If you do not have accounts, simply select ‘Create a New One.’

Business Information

The Business Information section of the onboarding will cover the following type of information:

  • Desired Monthly Budget

  • General Business Information

  • Average Leads to Sales / Profit Margin

  • Plans for Future Growth

These details allow us to familiarize our team with your unique business needs and goals. Understanding your typical sales expectations will also help us to better manage your CPL and utilize your monthly ad budget in a way that meets your needs.

Ad Copy

The Ad Copy section is your opportunity to include any specific copy, descriptions, or promotions you want to be featured in your advertisements. Similarly, we also encourage you to include anything that you wish to avoid for any reason.

Finally, we also request any special offers or promotions you would like to include. If you are unsure of what will work best with Google & YouTube ads, simply write ‘Not Sure’ or ‘None’ for now.

The types of offers that tend to see great results vary greatly depending on the industry. For initial discovery, our Ads experts recommend keeping things simple. For example, we might advertise a lawyer with something general such as “Call Miami’s Top-Rated PI Attorney.” A service provider might start out with something such as “We Promise to Beat All Competitor Quotes by 10%,” as another example.

Your Competitors

This is another simple section that simply requests that you look into and list out your top three competitors. Note that this is referring to competitors that are currently displaying ads on Google and/or Bing.

Our Ads experts will benefit from reviewing competitor strategies. This will help us to formulate a strategy that differentiates your business as opposed to promoting identical or similar offers that will hold you back from getting results.

Ad Scheduling

The final section of the onboarding will request to know when you would like us to run your ads throughout the week. Simply input a start and stop time for each day of the week that is relevant to your business.

For starting out, we recommend setting your ad times to business hours or any period that someone will be able to answer the phone for customer inquiries. As we gather data and track performance, we may recommend adjusting display times for specific periods of the day to get the most out of your monthly ad spend.

With the final section of the onboarding complete, the submission button should now be available for you to click. If you are still unable to submit the documents, please go back through each section and ensure that each section with a red star is complete

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