Creating a New Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is one of the valuable tools for listing your business online. Any time a user searches for terms relevant to your industry, results will automatically populate with the best local businesses in search and on Google Maps.

The good news is that getting your business listed on Google My Business is completely free! You will also need to create your own Google My Business account to receive the full benefits of your SEO and Listings services with our team.

Here’s how you create a brand-new profile:

  1. First, you will need to already have a personal Google account. If you have one, head over to this link.

  2. Fill out the fields as necessary. This will include the business name, address, contact information, and website.

  3. This step is crucial for success. Once you enter your information, you must verify that you are the owner of the business. The most common way Google does this is by sending a postcard with a verification code to your business address.

  4. After you receive the card, utilize the information from Google to complete the verification process. Your Google My Business listing will now be active.

How to Claim an Existing Google My Business Profile

If for some reason your business profile exists online, but you do not have ownership, the process becomes more complicated. Whatever your reason for not having access, you can start the process with these steps:

  1. Head to the link featured above to begin creating a business listing.

  2. Instead of entering new information, you should be able to find the business as you begin to enter the name in the appropriate field. Select this business profile.

  3. You will receive a prompt stating that someone else owns this business. Follow the on-screen instructions to request access.

If someone else owns the profile, you must wait for them to approve you as an owner. If they reject your claim, you can still file an appeal once you receive the rejection notice.

If no one can respond for any reason, Google will attempt to make contact once again. If there is still no response, you will have the opportunity to claim the business as your own. From there, the verification process remains the same.

Note - If no other parties are involved, and you are struggling to gain ownership, we advise you to contact Google support directly. Explain the situation and see if you can expedite the process.

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