With any listing, that directory can mark it as unverified, duplicate, or suspended if there is a pending issue. This means that you have yet to confirm ownership of the listing, there is a previous version of the same listing, or that your listing includes a violation worthy of suspension.

Agencies or their clients are responsible for resolving any outstanding issues with your directory listings. Our team is not responsible for these issues and we cannot assist directly. The owner of the listing must work with the directory provider.

This document serves to offer tips and help articles that may help you resolve these issues quickly.

Resolving Google My Business Listing Issues

If the listing is suspended, flagged as duplicate, or has any verification issues, it is the responsibility of the client to resolve the issues.

Please see help articles provided by Google that may help resolve these issues:

If you are looking for help with claiming an existing profile, you can also check out our help article on the topic here.

Resolving Other Directory Listing Issues

If you discover that additional listings are not going through with the Listings Manager, those listings are likely part of an active subscription with another third-party provider. We will not be able to populate those listings until you cancel service with the other provider.

Note - This does not apply to an ordinary listing made without a subscription service. In that event, our Listings Manager will simply override the listing you have, avoiding any duplicate flags.

After you cancel the subscription, you must resubmit those listings in your dashboard.

An alternate reason for listings issues can be that your business is outside of the supported geographic area for that directory. Be sure to review the full list of directories available to each region here. Our Listings service currently covers the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

If these suggestions still do not resolve your pending issue, please contact the directory. They may be able to explain the root cause of the issue and resolve it on their end. If they can resolve the issue, you can resubmit the listing in the dashboard at any time as long as your subscription is active.

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