Setting up and optimizing your directory listings will improve your online presence. Visitors will have an easier time discovering you with local search results, and directories will be more likely to feature you when your profiles are complete and consistent.

You can potentially enhance your results with regular updates to these listings, just as you would with your website or social profiles. Below are some client-side optimizations you can perform to get the most out of your listings.

Regular Image Updates

Visitors are more likely to respond to a business listing with up-to-date images. They’ll be able to take a quick look at what their experience will be like while helping your business appear more authentic.

These images should include shots of the business interior, exterior, or parking areas. You may also include general shots of products or results of your services to give an idea of what your business can provide. It is not an area for the latest promotions or events you want to share.

Even if the appearance of your location has not changed much, a more recent image upload will help your listing appear up-to-date and active.

Regular Directory Posts

Many directory listings offer the ability to post new information or respond to customer inquiries. For example, Google My Business has a section dedicated to questions. You should respond to these questions as soon as possible to keep your profile up-to-date, while also demonstrating a connection with your customers.

Take advantage of each directory’s services to describe your business in the greatest detail possible. You can update your pricing, offer delivery, and post general updates regarding business activities to keep your customers in the loop.

Additional Customer Reviews

Obtaining five-star customer reviews is essential for ranking your business high on any directory listing. Many listings, Yelp, for example, will compile the top rankings for an industry in a given local area.

On the opposing end, a lack of reviews or poor reviews will make your business appear less attractive when customers can quickly locate a competitor on the same directory. Ask clients to leave reviews when they’ve had a good experience, or offer some form of incentive to do so.

Finally, be sure to address any low to negative reviews to demonstrate that you care about your customers. In some instances, a customer may be willing to take a negative review down so you can rectify their issue. Alternatively, you can appeal to the directory to take down negative reviews that are demonstrably inaccurate or are past a certain age.

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