SEO Monthly Maintenance
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SEO is an ongoing process and is a service you require for as long as your website is live. While the first month of your service will focus primarily on setup, here is what you can expect for your client each month moving forward.

Monthly Site Audit

We will perform regular audits of your website to monitor site health and your overall SEO performance. With these monthly reports, you will be able to easily compare results, while also having a clear list of recommended fixes and optimizations.

This audit will indicate what we intend to do on our end, while also providing options to present to your client for even better results. We will refrain from making any of these front-end changes to content or site layout before receiving full approval from the company or the client. To learn more about what services we provide in the meantime, keep reading below.

Toxic Backlink Audit & Disavow

Backlinking can be one of the greatest factors in both improving or harming your overall website ranking. A backlink is a link that another website uses to direct people to your website.

Having high-quality backlinks is tremendously helpful. These are links from website sources that Google trusts and grants high authority. Conversely, a low-quality website that Google considers “toxic” can have a strong negative impact on your ranking.

Here are some guidelines to help you determine what type of backlinks Google considers to be toxic:

  • The site exists only to drive traffic to your main website

  • The link to your site is spam and not relevant to the content

  • The link to your site exists on multiple pages

  • Attempting to hide links where they can’t easily be seen

  • The link to your site comes from another site that is irrelevant to your industry

There are several reasons why your site can acquire toxic backlinks. Some marketers looking to make a quick buck can promise a quick SEO boost by adding you to a 'spammy' link network. However, Google’s search algorithm will discover this and it will simply hurt you more in the long term. Others can come from viruses or malware.

Disavowing links is the best action we can perform on our end to disassociate your website from these toxic backlinks. However, you still must make the effort to have those links manually removed by the website owner. Google will not redact penalties until the backlink no longer exists.

Ongoing On-Page Website Optimization

While we await client approval for requested changes, our SEO experts can continue to improve website SEO by ensuring it adheres to best practices. Here is a brief explanation of the efforts we take to ensure your existing pages are healthy.

Optimizing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

The title tag and meta description are what visitors, and Google, use to determine the type of content on your website. If you search for something on Google right now, each entry will have a Title tag in the blue hyperlink followed by a brief description of the page.

There are certain practices to follow that will help improve readability, which also helps Google better understand the content on your website. You can also use this to help with branding, reminding visitors of where they are and where the content comes from. Each page of your site should possess a title tag and meta description of an appropriate length.

Internal & Outbound Linking

Like backlinking, having quality internal and outbound links can also improve your overall SEO.

Internal links refer to any links that direct users from one page of your website to another. These links should appear naturally and help users access information on your website quickly and conveniently. Our team will ensure that each page of your site has a healthy number of internal links.

Outbound links are effectively the reverse of backlinking, featuring links from your site to other websites with relevant information. For example, a blog post may contain an outbound link to research or studies that enhance the quality of content on your page. Google can recognize these links, thus enhancing the value of your content and the overall ranking.

By combining the effects of quality internal, outbound, and inbound links, you have a recipe for successful SEO.

Optimizing Images

When you have multiple large files on a given web page, it has the potential to increase load times. Images are essential, but those high-quality images often possess unnecessarily large file sizes.

Our team will look for opportunities to compress and reduce image file sizes while maintaining the same resolution and quality. Know that page load times of more than three seconds can increase your bounce rate by as much as 40%.

We will further optimize your images by ensuring that each file has an appropriately descriptive name and alt texts. While these are meant to assist those who cannot see your images, they can also help Google understand the content on the page.

Search Console Updates

We will continue to utilize Google Search Console for the following purposes:

Fixing Crawl Errors

A crawl error can be any number of issues that Google detects while attempting to crawl and index your web pages. For example, a 404 Not Found error means that a linked page no longer exists. By identifying the error and affected page, we can investigate and perform the necessary corrections.

Other types of errors can include issues with your domain host, JavaScript issues, server timeouts, or an error with your Robots.txt file.

Fetching Updated Pages

While Google is likely to eventually crawl your pages, you can immediately index your pages with new updates and optimizations. It will also update us on any new crawl errors that may appear on the site so that we can remedy them immediately.

SEO Content

Included in your monthly subscription are SEO content articles for your blog. These are 500-word articles that focus on topics and keywords that are relevant to your business. These articles not only promote keyword usage but provide value to your customers through informative blogs that answer commonly searched questions.

Basic plans will receive one (1) article, Plus plans will receive two (2), Premium plans will receive three (3), and the Elite plan will receive four (4) content pieces.

To learn more about how we handle content marketing, take a look at these related help articles:

Monthly Reporting

Finally, you can expect a monthly SEO report sent to you directly via our communications channel. This is meant to help you and your client keep up to date with your results, and overall site health, and keep track of recommended optimizations.

Note - It is possible to see your overall score decrease in the early months of your SEO subscription. This is due to discovering new errors on newly-audited pages as well as changes or additions to the website that did not receive the proper optimization. It’s important to observe the site health score in conjunction with how many errors were found each month.

So long as our team can conduct the SEO fulfillment as intended, you should begin to see steady improvements in your site health and keyword ranking with time. Remember - there are no shortcuts to top rankings. You will only get the desired results with consistent performance.

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