What is SEO?

SEO describes the process of completing tasks that help a website rank higher and increase organic traffic. SEO will naturally improve the quality of content on your website as well as its speed and functionality. By improving your user experience, your website will steadily rank higher in organic search results. The higher you rank organically, the less you need to spend toward paid results.

Our SEO fulfillment service will provide your website with ongoing monthly maintenance. We will work to help your site rank for specific keywords relevant to your location and industry. Our experts will also provide detailed reporting and additional service recommendations that can help take your client’s results even further.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Does Your Client Have a Website?

A website is imperative for ensuring that your client can truly benefit from our SEO service. You can help your SEO in other ways such as through social media or directory listings, but a website is key for discovering your brand.

To receive the full service, we will require access to the website backend. There are also certain scenarios in which we could improve your SEO with hosting access, but these situations are rare. If you are unable to provide website access, we can still provide a list of recommended optimizations for you or your client to complete on your terms.

Does Your Client Have a Google Analytics Account?

We require a Google Analytics account to fulfill your SEO services. However, if your client does not have an account, we can create one for you. This allows us to track valuable data regarding your website’s visitors.

We will also require a Google Search Console account to assist with monthly maintenance. This is a tracking code that will update us on any issues currently happening with the website.

Note - If your client currently has an Analytics or Search Console account, it is their responsibility to provide access. There is nothing we can do on our end to assist with regaining access to a lost account.

Please refer to these links if you require assistance with accessing your Google Analytics or Google Search Console accounts:

SEO Content and Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way to help improve your SEO results over time. Basic SEO fulfillment automatically comes with one piece of SEO-optimized content for your blog each month. You can gain additional content pieces by upgrading your SEO subscription plan.

However, if you’re satisfied with what’s included in the SEO Basic plan, you can still increase the amount of monthly content you receive by purchasing our content marketing fulfillment service. If you’re interested in more content to support your SEO, click here to learn more.

Choosing the Right Plan

We currently offer four (4) subscription plans to provide clients with varying levels of monthly SEO support.



  • 10 Tracked Keywords

  • SEO Tool Setup

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Google Search Console Setup

  • XML Sitemap Setup

  • XML Sitemap Submission

  • Robots.txt Setup & Optimization

  • SSL Certification Check

  • Monthly Report Setup & Scheduling


  • Ranking & Analytics Report

  • Progress Report

  • Website Audit & Fixes

  • Toxic Backlin Audit & Disavow

  • Optimize Title Tags

  • Optimize Meta Descriptions

  • Optimize Image Alt Tags

  • Optimize Image Title Tags

  • Heading Tag Optimization

  • Internal Linking

  • Outbound Linking

  • XML Sitemap Optimization

  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console

  • URL Optimization

  • 301 Page Redirects



  • Everything Included in Pro

  • 20 Tracked Keywords

  • Competitor Research


  • Everything Included in Pro

  • Page Speed Optimization

  • Search Console Error Optimization

  • 5 Total Backlinks Monthly (2 Directory Submission, 2 Classified Ad Submission, 1 Image Sharing)

  • 1, 500-Word Article for Your Website



  • Everything Included in Plus

  • 30 Tracked Keywords

  • Bing Webmaster Setup

  • Google Analytics Goal Setup (1 Goal)


  • Everything Included in Plus

  • Compress Image Sizes

  • Bing Webmaster Error Optimizations

  • 10 Total Backlinks Monthly (2 Directory Submission, 2 Classified Ad Submission, 1 Image Sharing, 2 Quality Profile Linking, 2 Quality Social Bookmarking, 1 Content Submission)

  • 2, 500-Word Articles for Your Website



  • Everything Included in Premium

  • 40 Tracked Keywords

  • Google Analytics Goal Setup (2 Goals)

  • Schema Setup: Authorship, Meta Data, Rich Snippet


  • Everything Included in Premium

  • Content Keyword Optimization

  • Schema: Authorship, Meta Data, Rich Snippet Optimization

  • 15 Total Backlinks Monthly (3 Directory Submission, 3 Classified Ad Submission, 2 Image Sharing, 2 Quality Profile Linking 3 Quality Social Bookmarking, 1 Content Submission, 1 Blog Commenting)

  • 3, 500-Word Articles for Your Website

Placing Your Order

To select your content plan and place your order, navigate to our Fulfillment store page by clicking on the app drawer in the top-right corner. Then, click on Fulfillment Store at the very bottom.

All of our products and services can be found in the left-side column. Click on Content to select a monthly subscription plan. Then, click Buy.


A menu will appear prompting you to select a business to receive this content marketing subscription. You can either use the dropdown to select an existing business or click the purple + button to add a new one.


Then, click Add to Cart. You will notice that the cart icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard will update with the number of items added. When you're ready, click Check Out.



This basic page will display your cart total first and foremost at the top of the page. If you wish to add anything else to your order, you can follow the Back to Shopping link. You can also adjust your existing cart such as changing the quantity or deleting an item by clicking the red X.


If you're ready to proceed, click Continue.

Selecting Payment and Placing Your Order

You will have one final opportunity to review your order while being asked to enter your payment details. You can select an existing payment method you have on file with the dropdown menu or click Add New Card to enter a new one.


After entering your payment information, click Place Your Order to finalize.

SEO Onboarding

After your successful checkout, you and your client will need to fill out onboarding documentation.

Purchasing a subscription for a client will prompt our system to send an automated email on your behalf prompting them to access the sub-account for their business. After gaining access to their new sub-account, they will be able to find and complete the onboarding for the SEO service.

Here's what we will need from your client:

Login Credentials

At a minimum, we will require the client’s website and login information. While we recommend providing hosting access if able, it is not vital to your success. It is useful if our team discovers issues that cannot be resolved with backend access only. If you are more comfortable with postponing this, please enter anything in the field to continue.

You will also need to confirm if we should create new Google accounts for you at this time.

Rankings & Competitors

This is a page where you can list your desired keywords. Our SEO specialists will consider these when researching the most useful keywords to pursue. You should also consider which pages specifically you would like to rank. Finally, provide a list of local competitors that you are seeking to outrank within search engine results pages.

Target Demographic

Simply provide the locations and demographics you’d like to target. This is again preliminary information, and our experts will reach out to you with preferred recommendations to help your client get the best results possible.

Services or Products

By providing a list of your services or products, our SEO experts can focus on locating the best keywords for ranking. If there is a particular product or service that your brand is known for, please indicate it as such, so that we can prioritize helping you rank in that area.

SEO Setup

Gaining Access / Creating New Accounts

To begin the initial setup for our SEO services, we will need to verify that we have access to your website, Google Analytics, Google Business, and Google Search Console accounts. You can learn more about how to provide access to our team using the following help articles:

Providing Access to Google Search Console

Providing Access to Google Analytics

Providing Access to a Google Business Account

If you do not have accounts set up for your business, we will create them for you at this time. These accounts will belong to your client, meaning that you will also have access to them moving forward.

Keyword Research and Initial Audits

Our team utilizes professional tools that allow us to perform extensive research concerning keyword tracking. We will be able to review how competitive your chosen keywords are, what strategies your competitors are using, and what we can do differently to get you results faster. For example, “plumbing” may be too broad and competitive a term, but we could suggest the following:

  • “Plumber NYC”

  • “Plumbing Services NYC”

  • “NYC Plumber”

We will also perform initial audits on your website. This report will automatically indicate any existing errors by severity and priority. We can automatically correct many of these common errors on our end, including:

  • Optimizing Page Titles and Headers

  • Adding Meta Descriptions to Each Page

  • Adding Alt Text to Images

  • Fixing Broken Links

  • Optimizing Image Sizes

  • Optimizing Load Times

  • And Much More!

Additional actions that can help improve your SEO include adding additional text to each page to improve your text-to-HTML ratio. Modifying existing content to be more engaging and focusing on new keywords may also improve results. We currently only offer blog writing as an SEO content service. Therefore, you or the client will need to address these issues on your end.

Initial Optimizations

After performing the initial audits and setups, we will perform all of the initial optimizations included in the service. You will receive a set amount of service hours monthly dedicated to correcting the errors discovered in your audit. Depending on how severe and numerous the issues your website has, it is likely that we will not complete all possible optimizations during the first month of service.

Upon completion of the setup process, you can expect to receive the following by the end of the first month of service:

  • Website Audit and Initial Optimizations

  • NAP Optimization

  • Robots.txt Setup

  • XML Sitemap

  • Social Media Linking

  • Google Search Console Setup

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Keyword Selection

  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console

SEO Maintenance

Monthly Optimizations and Reporting

Moving forward monthly, you can expect our SEO team to run regular audits of your website while performing the necessary optimizations. By reviewing your monthly reports, you will be able to see how your overall site health improves as well as what was done by our team to improve your SEO.

Note - Your monthly SEO report will show percentages in regards to overall site errors and site health. Do not be alarmed if a new report shows what appears to be a decline in progress. Our team does not necessarily audit every single page for errors at once. This also applies if the client creates and adds new pages from the time of the last report.

As new errors are discovered, your site health score can appear lower. Always refer to what actions we take to correct errors over time.

In addition, we will perform regular website crawls with the Google search console. This helps Google index your website with improvements and optimizations, helping the site to rank higher. We will also scan the website for toxic backlinks. We recommend disavowing links for spammy, low-quality websites to ensure it does not factor in your overall rankings.

Finally, you can review your keyword rankings at any time through your Analytics app. Our team will add the keywords to your application on your behalf.

Monthly SEO Content

In addition to your monthly SEO reports, you can expect to receive your SEO content article for approval. Before submission, we will provide you with a list of roughly twenty (20) topics, advising you to approve at least ten (10). We focus these topics on top keywords while keeping them relevant and informative for your audience.

Upon approval, we will utilize your website credentials to post the content to your blog. Our SEO team will optimize the new page to promote optimal results.

To learn more about SEO content and its revision and approval process, click here.

Billing & Subscription

Billing Cycle

You will receive your first charge after the checkout process. From there, you will receive an additional charge on the same date for each month that your subscription is active. You can easily cancel your SEO subscription at any time by using your dashboard.

Canceling Your Subscription

If you are unsatisfied with your content marketing or no longer require it, you may cancel your content marketing subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to Settings. Then, click on Subscriptions at the bottom of the left-side column under Billing Preferences.

  3. Under Other Subscriptions, you can use the dropdown to select the business that possesses the subscription you wish to cancel. On the right where it says Active, click on the three-dotted line to access a sub-menu. Then, click Deactivate.


Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

If you would like to upgrade your current content marketing plan to a higher or lower tier, use the instructions above to access your Subscriptions settings. Then, click Upgrade/Downgrade.

A menu will appear allowing you to compare plans. Your existing plan will say Active Plan. Click Add to Cart under the plan you wish to use and follow the checkout process from there. Note that the setup fee is waived as you only ever need to pay it once per client.

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