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Social Posts Setup & Maintenance
Social Posts Setup & Maintenance
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This article serves to walk you and your client through the Social Posts setup process. You will know exactly how our team performs the service as well as what you need to provide to ensure success.

Verifying Your Social Accounts

The Social Posts onboarding document requires you to post the account names and login credentials for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can alternatively grant user permissions for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our team does not create new accounts and is in no way responsible for issues with your existing account. We cannot post on these platforms before receiving proper permissions. While we will honor the posts you purchase, delays in posting due to lack of access are your responsibility.

Please provide the correct login credentials and notify your project manager if you do not intend to use specific social channels. We will verify that your username and password work, and advise you when we are ready to begin creating posts.

To learn how to grant user access on Facebook & Instagram, click here.

To learn how to grant user access on LinkedIn, click here.

Media Asset Request

Before creating your initial posts, your project manager will reach out regarding company asset requests. We also want to confirm the type of posting you would like and allow you to discuss any ideas or promotions.

For clarity - We do not include custom graphic design, image editing, or video creating with this service. You or the client are entirely responsible for providing any assets. Here are some recommendations for what you may want to include:

  • Company Logos

  • Branded Images

  • Video Clips

  • GIFs

All you will need to do is provide these files. Your project manager will find natural ways to integrate these assets with creative copy that drives engagement.

Creating Your First Posts

After we confirm access and gather the necessary assets, we will begin creating your first posts. We generally create and submit posts for review week to week, allowing you to review them before scheduling.

We don’t recommend creating an entire month’s worth of posts at once, as conversations and trends can change daily. Great social media engagement depends upon actively participating with users on these platforms.

Here are some different ideas that could garner engagement online:

  • Business News & Updates

  • General Industry News

  • Personal Stories from Customers

  • Personal Stories from Your Team

  • Share Articles or Your Blog Posts (you can coordinate with our content marketing service)

  • Behind-the-Scenes Material

  • GIFs for the Occasional Lighthearted Post

  • Featured Products or Services

  • Memes (not ideal for strict professionals, but is a popular tactic for many successful brands on social media)

Remember, while platforms like Twitter may restrict you to 280 characters, you can use those quick sentences to drive traffic to your website or promotions. Work with your project manager to ensure your social posts work to benefit your marketing strategy as a whole!

Revisions & Approval

Upon successfully creating your posts, we will share them with you directly via our communications channel. We recommend reviewing all of these posts with your client to ensure satisfaction.

You will have the opportunity to submit up to two (2) full sets of revisions. You must collect all of your requested edits in one place (a Google doc, Word doc, or directly via the communications channel). You may not submit revisions piecemeal. We will treat any revision requests we receive as one of your two available requests.

If you are satisfied with your posts or have used up your existing revision opportunities, your posts will be considered approved.

Scheduling Posts

Your social media expert utilizes certain factors when determining the best time to schedule your posts. These factors include:

  • Your Subscription Tier and Number of Weekly Posts

  • The Most Popular Days and Times for Each Platform

If you subscribe to our highest tier, you would receive a post every day of the week. Our social media experts review when peak traffic occurs on each platform to ensure that your post gets seen by the most users possible. While we recommend staying on top of certain trends, we will ultimately post on the days and times you choose.

While this article serves to describe the setup, this general process will repeat for as long as your subscription is active. You can set yourself up for long-term success by providing our social media experts with a Drive or Dropbox folder of the client’s marketing assets.

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