What Are Social Posts?

Our Social Posts provide regular weekly posts across the most popular social media platforms for your business. Regular, meaningful updates to your social profiles can drive engagement and help you establish your presence online.

A social media specialist will create unique copy for each post and take advantage of hashtags appropriately to boost discoverability. Social Posts can benefit nearly every type of business. We currently provide posting for the service industry, retail, eCommerce, and many others.

Note - This Social Posts service does not include graphic design, customized images, GIFs, or videos. You or the client must supply media for posting. These materials are not mandatory, and we can provide a licensed image with each post.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Deciding Where to Post

Our team can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You are not required to create new accounts for each platform and post to each.

For example, Facebook offers massive reach and an easy-to-use advertising platform but may require more effort to drive engagement. Image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest perform best with more frequent posts and customized graphics.

Research each platform and understand how it could benefit your industry. You can let your social media expert know if you wish to opt out of posting on a given platform.

Creating New Social Accounts

You or the client must create the social media accounts/pages before signing up for the service. While an employee can assist with general questions, we do not perform the setup process for you. Additionally, you will receive your first month’s bill regardless of whether or not the accounts are set up. Ensure that you have an active account and can provide the login credentials to avoid posting delays.

Granting Access to Facebook and LinkedIn

While you may provide login credentials to Facebook, it is not necessary. We understand that you wish to protect your security and ad accounts. Therefore, you only need to grant us the appropriate permissions to manage your page.

You can learn how to do this by reading more on the topic here.

Choosing the Right Plan


The Pro plan offers four (4) posts to one (1) social media channel every month. With this plan, your brand will be legitimized and appear active with regular posts, letting people know that the business is always operational.


This plan is ideal for businesses looking to increase their branding and online presence with twelve (12) posts to two (2) social media channels every month. With this plan, your brand will be legitimized and appear active with regular posts, letting people know that the business is always operational.


The Premium plan includes twenty (2) posts to three (3) different social media channels every month.


Finally, the Platinum plan grants you twenty-eight (28) posts to five (5) different social media channels every month. This is the best way for your business to appear legitimate and remain in constant communication with your audience.

Placing Your Order

To select your content plan and place your order, navigate to our Fulfillment store page by clicking on the app drawer in the top-right corner. Then, click on Fulfillment Store at the very bottom.

All of our products and services can be found in the left-side column. Click on Content to select a monthly subscription plan. Then, click Buy.


A menu will appear prompting you to select a business to receive this content marketing subscription. You can either use the dropdown to select an existing business or click the purple + button to add a new one.


Then, click Add to Cart. You will notice that the cart icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard will update with the number of items added. When you're ready, click Check Out.



This basic page will display your cart total first and foremost at the top of the page. If you wish to add anything else to your order, you can follow the Back to Shopping link. You can also adjust your existing cart such as changing the quantity or deleting an item by clicking the red X.


If you're ready to proceed, click Continue.

Selecting Payment and Placing Your Order

You will have one final opportunity to review your order while being asked to enter your payment details. You can select an existing payment method you have on file with the dropdown menu or click Add New Card to enter a new one.


After entering your payment information, click Place Your Order to finalize.

Social Posts Onboarding

After your successful checkout, you and your client will need to fill out onboarding documentation.

Purchasing a subscription for a client will prompt our system to send an automated email on your behalf prompting them to access the sub-account for their business. After gaining access to their new sub-account, they will be able to find and complete the onboarding for the Social Posts service.

The social posts onboarding is very straightforward and is our primary way of collecting login credentials for your profiles. Please ensure that your login credentials work before submitting your onboarding.

The onboarding also allows us to learn more about your business as well as your intended posting style. If you’re aiming for a more professional tone, you’ll do well to avoid things like emojis or humorous GIFs. Your brand may embrace and benefit from a more playful style, however.

Select as many options as necessary to describe your brand and desired post type. We’ll also review your existing social media profiles and do our best to match the existing tone.

Social Posts Setup

Verifying Your Social Media Accounts

After receiving your onboarding, your project manager will attempt to verify your login credentials. We will also accept user access to your Facebook and LinkedIn after you grant the necessary permissions.

Once we have access, we will synchronize your account posting with a third-party delivery tool. This helps us to schedule your weekly posts and ensure that they go out on each platform on time.

Media Assets

Media assets are not necessary but are highly recommended for social posts. As explained above, this service does not come with custom graphic design or branding. Before we begin posting, we will ask for any logos, images, videos, GIFs, or other assets you would like to share.

Because social posts are an ongoing process, we encourage you to provide any media assets you have at any time via our communications channel. The individual assigned to your account will utilize your assets to create effective copy and deliver engaging media posts for each channel.

Revisions & Approval

After we create your initial social posts, we will share them with you via our communications channel. You and your client will have the opportunity to request revisions before scheduling your posts. You will be able to submit up to two (2) complete sets of revisions.

You may submit your revisions together in a completed list. You may not request changes piecemeal at unscheduled intervals. This helps to foster clear communication between all parties and ensures that there are no delays in posting. Keeping your social posts on a regular schedule is important for overall success.

Late / Pending Posts

If we do not receive a response to communications, if we are awaiting media assets, or if we do not have the proper logins, you will delay your social posting. Please follow the tips and instructions throughout this article to ensure that you avoid any delays.

If you do have any late or pending posts, our team is still responsible for supplying them. Once we gain the necessary credentials and posting materials, we will schedule your late posts appropriately to avoid cluttering your timeline.

Monthly Social Posts

Monthly social posting works the same as it did during the setup process. With your accounts already in place, we will continue writing the copy and scheduling posts at targeted days and times to receive the most engagement possible.

To improve the results of your social posts, we may reach out periodically to discuss posting ideas and gather additional assets. If we do not receive input from you or the client, we will continue generating and scheduling posts as normal.

Note - You may post on the social accounts yourself in addition to our service. We highly recommend speaking to your project manager to avoid cannibalizing your content. We will work with you to organize a posting schedule that delivers the best results possible.

Billing & Subscription

Billing Cycle

You will receive your first charge immediately upon checkout. You will receive an additional charge every month on that same date for as long as your subscription is active.

There are no additional charges or fees associated with our social posts service.

Canceling Your Subscription

If you are unsatisfied with your content marketing or no longer require it, you may cancel your content marketing subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to Settings. Then, click on Subscriptions at the bottom of the left-side column under Billing Preferences.

  3. Under Other Subscriptions, you can use the dropdown to select the business that possesses the subscription you wish to cancel. On the right where it says Active, click on the three-dotted line to access a sub-menu. Then, click Deactivate.


Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

If you would like to upgrade your current content marketing plan to a higher or lower tier, use the instructions above to access your Subscriptions settings. Then, click Upgrade/Downgrade.

A menu will appear allowing you to compare plans. Your existing plan will say Active Plan. Click Add to Cart under the plan you wish to use and follow the checkout process from there. Note that the setup fee is waived as you only ever need to pay it once per client.

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