The DashClicks platform contains two applications that assist both you and your clients in tracking account analytics from various third-party integrations.

This article will help you understand the purpose of both applications as well as how these tools interact with one another to assist with client project management.

What is the Analytics App?

Analytics is an application that allows you to integrate the following third-party analytics and tracking tools:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • CallRail

  • SEO

  • Listings Manager (add-on subscription purchased separately)

After you successfully integrate your accounts into DashClicks, you will be able to rapidly click between each platform and keep track of account-related metrics all in one place.

If you order fulfillment service for yourself or for a sub-account within the store, we will automatically integrate these tracking tools for you as long as we have access to the correct account credentials.

Who Has Access to the Analytics App?

The Analytics app is available to both main account and sub-account users. Your sub-account owners will be able to integrate their own analytics tools at any time.

What is the Projects App?

The Projects app is a main account-exclusive application that helps companies and agency owners manage activities related to their sub-accounts.

This includes the following tools:

  • Analytics tracking with third-party integrations

  • File storage for client-related assets and documents

  • Notebooks

  • Form submissions

  • Website editor & website analytics

Sub-accounts will not have access to the Projects app at any time.

How Are the Analytics and Projects Apps Related?

The Projects app acts as a mirror for all activity that happens within the Analytics app. This allows you to stay up-to-date with all analytics for every sub-account associated with your main account.

For example:

  • Sub-Account A successfully integrates Google Analytics within its own Analytics app. Alternatively, you can integrate their analytics by using the sub-account SSO feature.

  • Sub-Account A's analytics will not only appear within their account's Analytics app, but it will also appear within your main account's Projects app

This relationship is advantageous as it gives the sub-account owner the power to manage their own Analytics at any time.

It also allows you to integrate analytics for a sub-account at any time through your main account's Projects app. After you successfully integrate a third-party analytics tool for a sub-account, that sub-account owner will now be able to find their analytics within their Analytics app.

This covers the basics of what you need to know in regard to how the Analytics and Projects applications are related. Below, you can find a list of related articles to assist you with setting up third-party integrations for a sub-account within Analytics or Projects.


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Important Note - Sub-accounts also have access to the same Analytics instructions within our white-labeled help center, which you can find here.

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