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How to Create Remove Deal Tag Automation
How to Create Remove Deal Tag Automation
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Note: Access to the Deals app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating 'Remove Deal Tag' Automation

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Deals’.

2. Navigating to Deal Automations:

Once you're in the 'Deals' application, make sure you're on the 'My Deals' tab. Click the 'Deal Automations' button located in the top right corner.

3. Add 'Remove Deal Tag' Automation:

Your current sales pipeline view will change to show only the existing deal automation. If you haven't created any automations yet, this page will be empty. Decide on the suitable stage for your pipeline and click '+ Add Deal Automation' under the appropriate stage.

4. Choose 'Remove Deal Tag':

Select 'Remove Deal Tag' and then press 'Continue' at the top right of the page.

5. Select the Tag:

Use the dropdown menu to select the tag you want to remove. Click 'Continue'.

6. Set Up Custom Delay:

At this stage, you can create a custom delay for this action, if required. As you input a value, the bolded text at the top will update to show the actual delay time. If you wish to create a delay, you should also set a descriptor explaining the reason for the delay in the last field. Press 'Continue' when done.

Note: You don't have to create a delay. You can set each field to '0' if no delay is needed.

7. Confirm Automation Setup:

Your 'Remove Deal Tag' automation is now active. You can verify your new automation under the corresponding stage on the original 'Deal Automations' page.

8. Review Automation Details:

Your automation should appear as set to happen immediately, with your descriptor of choice displayed beneath it. If you click on the small button on the right, you will see options to adjust or remove the automation.

Managing Automation

Once the automation is set, a small button to the right of the automation allows you to manage it. You can use the 'On/Off' toggle to enable or disable the automation without removing it. If you wish to modify the automation, click 'Edit'. To permanently remove this automation from the deal stage, click 'Delete'.

Note: It's possible to create several automation steps within one deal step. However, when adding more than one automation, be careful with the delays to prevent any overlapping actions. Once an automation step takes place, it cannot be reversed.

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