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How to Complete Onboarding for a Client
How to Complete Onboarding for a Client
Updated over a week ago

DashClicks now offers the ability to fill out the necessary onboarding documents for a fulfillment service on behalf of the client. You can do this when adding a fulfillment service to your cart in the fulfillment store.

Here's how to accomplish this:

  1. Add the selected service to your cart by clicking Buy.

  2. Use the dropdown to select the correct client. Then, select a corresponding person associated with the business from the next dropdown.

  3. A third dropdown will appear that reads "Who should we send the onboarding to."

    Use this dropdown to select one of the following options:

    Send the onboarding to my client
    Send the onboarding to me

    Select the latter to send the documents to your email address on file.

Check your inbox for the onboarding documents. Follow the URL inside to find the associated forms.

If you need to revisit the forms after submitting them, you can find them within your Projects app.

Go to Projects > Select the client from the left > Forms.

You can find the completed onboarding documents here.

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