TikTok Ads Setup
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This article serves to help users better understand what to expect from the initial setup of their TikTok Ads fulfillment service.

Initial Data Request

After we receive your TikTok Ads onboarding documents, our system will automatically delegate tasks to our paid ads fulfillment team. They will begin the process by reviewing your requested campaign objectives as well as the client website, social media, and other related items.

You will receive an invitation to join a Slack channel for your company. If you are a new customer, you will receive a general welcome message from the CEO to help you familiarize yourself with the DashClicks platform.

Upon completing the necessary preparation work, you will receive a second welcome message from the Customer Success manager facilitating communications between you and our TikTok Ads team. This message serves to help you understand our general workflow and to request/verify key information, including:

Verify Offer and Campaign Details

The Pro, Plus, and Premium plans provide you with one (1) campaign, while the Platinum plan provides two (2). We want to verify that the objectives listed in your client onboarding are accurate.

If you did not list an offer or objective, we will need to establish one before proceeding. Our team is ready to work with you to provide our experience and insight as to what will work best for the client or the industry.

TikTok Business Center Access and TikTok Pixel Creation

Before we can begin, every client will require the following:

  • TikTok Business Center

  • TikTok Ads Account

  • TikTok Pixel

You, the agency, or the client will need to provide access to an existing Business Center account. If one does not exist, you or the client will need to create one at this time. Click the links above to find detailed help articles to walk you through either process.

We will also need to create a TikTok pixel to assist with landing page tracking. Pixel creation is included with your service, and we will proceed to do so after obtaining Business Center access. If the account already has a Pixel, please let us know and we will make use of it during fulfillment.

Note - Sharing Business Center access will make us a partner only. It will appear in your account as ‘Dashboard Connection.’ The original account owner will maintain full control and be able to revoke privileges at any time.

Request Media Assets

Our TikTok Ads team will require all of the necessary assets to fulfill your service. As stated in the storefront, you or the client will need to provide the videos to be used within the advertisements. When communicating with your Slack representative, be sure to provide these as soon as possible.

Ad Creation

With the initial setup steps complete, our TikTok Ads team will begin putting together your campaign. You can expect to receive your first ad group within 5-7 business days. This time frame is considered from the time that all necessary assets are delivered to our team.

The campaign is built directly within the client's TikTok account. However, no ads will be published without your direct consent and approval. In addition to this initial ad group, our team will continue creating the number of ads purchased as described in your active subscription plan.

Revision and Approval of TikTok Ads

Customers have the ability to request revisions of any delivered TikTok Ads from our fulfillment team. There is no limit on the number of revisions you may request.

For an active campaign, each revision request can take up to one business day depending on the nature of the request. This means that if a request is submitted within business hours (but not towards the end of the business day), then the request should be completed the following business day.

If a request is received outside of business hours, the request may take up to the day after the following business day to complete.

Going Live and Monitoring Your Campaign

After we receive your explicit approval, we will push your TikTok Ads campaign live. While we will strive for results early, remember that the initial period of a paid campaign requires a learning period. Your account will gather data from users until we have a sufficient audience sample to aid in further targeting.

While your campaigns are live, you can look forward to weekly reports from your Slack representative. You can also log in to your DashClicks account to review progress 24/7. Your client may review their TikTok Ads analytics through the Analytics app. You, the agency, can review the progress of that campaign through the Projects app.

Note - Please notify your project manager before attempting to turn off or make any changes to the campaign. Making premature alterations to the campaign can effectively reset any learning progress thus far, hindering your client’s overall results. Your project manager will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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