After we publish and launch your TikTok Ads campaign, you can look forward to optimizations once per week at a minimum. Here is a brief overview of what our ad experts will do throughout the duration of your service

Intelligent Budget and Bid Pacing

Upon launching your new campaign, our system utilizes roughly the first two weeks to gather data and metrics in real-time. It will automatically use these data points to intelligently adjust bidding as necessary throughout a given day.

This means it will automatically discover the best time to display your ads to users, while also shifting the budget to the ads that perform best on any given day or within any given period.

This valuable data remains in your ad account and will serve to greatly improve future results. It continuously refines your campaign to deliver the best results possible while continuously lowering the cost-per-lead over time.

While this is happening, an experienced TikTok Ads expert will constantly monitor campaign performance. We will utilize our experience to take action when necessary, eliminating poor ads and capitalizing on the data points that trend in your favor.

Strategies for Improving Results

Split Testing

A split test (also known as an A/B test) allows you to compare two marketing elements simultaneously to see what delivers the best results. We will test out various elements in real-time including:

  • Audiences - Test your ad performance with different demographics

  • Ad Copy Variations - Our professional copywriters will create a set number of ad copy variations as described in your subscription plan. We will test each to create high-performing ads to help boost conversions.

  • Creative - Our ads team can experiment with different creatives in order to obtain better results. However, due to the video nature of the platform, we again remind you that it is your responsibility to provide new creatives if necessary.

Budget Recommendations

We will never go beyond the suggested budget guidelines as dictated in the store for each TikTok Ads subscription tier. Our experts will work within this range and make suggestions to budget per day based on campaign performance and current metrics.

You will have the final say on what our team may spend within a given period. However, we strongly recommend staying within the suggested guidelines. We listed these below again for you to reference:

  • Pro - $600 (Minimum Allowed) - $1,200

  • Plus - $1,200 - $2,000

  • Premium - $2,000 - $3,000

  • Platinum - $3,000+

If you need to make a change to your plan or desired budget, you can do so at any time. Upgrade or downgrade your TikTok Ads subscription through your DashClicks account settings, and our team will make the necessary changes for the next billing period.

Quality Assurance

At all stages of your campaign, we will have multiple TikTok Ads specialists overseeing your campaign. We not only check for quality during the building stage, but monitor copy, creatives, and performance while the campaign is live.

We'll actively monitor progress, make necessary updates, and eliminate poor-performing ads if necessary to conserve your budget. Our priority is to always ensure that your advertising dollars convert into worthwhile leads.


Regardless of your TikTok subscription tier, our team will utilize remarketing efforts to boost your conversions even further.

Remarketing allows us to specifically target users that navigated to your website or physical store location whenever possible. These leads already demonstrate a higher level of engagement, making them the ideal targets for your TikTok Ads.

Weekly Reporting

As a part of your TikTok Ads fulfillment service, you can look forward to weekly optimization breakdowns which are sent to you via our communications platform. You can use this data to reliably communicate to your client what actions are being taken to improve their campaign results.

In addition to this, your DashClicks dashboard is available to you 24/7. The purpose of this dashboard is to replace many of the needs of actual weekly reporting. Your client can also access their results by creating a sub-account and accessing the Analytics application. If you need help with this, you can learn how to send an invitation here.

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