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TikTok Ads Revision and Approval Process
TikTok Ads Revision and Approval Process
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Before going live, all customers have the opportunity to review and approve any TikTok Ad that our team delivers.

You can expect to start receiving your initial TikTok Ads in 5-7 business days. The flow of our entire TikTok Ads process will look as follows:

  • Business Center Access / Campaign Objective Confirmation

  • Campaign Creation

  • Ad Submission / Approval Request

  • Revision Requests

  • Final Approval Request

  • Publishing & TikTok Pixel Integration

We will build the ads directly within your client's TikTok Ads account. We do this in order to avoid any additional obstacles or delays in delivering your campaign.

Upon receiving your ad campaign previews within your account, please review them thoroughly with your client. You will have the opportunity to request changes before the campaign goes live. If you wish to modify active advertisements, notify your project manager to discuss the best course of action.

How to Submit Revision Requests

If you or the client requests a revision, please collect the requested changes in a complete list. While a quick word or phrasing change presents no issue, we ask to receive more in-depth requests in a professional, organized fashion.

Note - There is no limit on the number of revisions you may request.

To make the most of your revision time:

  1. List out all changes in a word document or directly through our communications channel. Refer to the specific ad, section, or image. The clearer the instruction, the less time it will require to implement.

  2. Submit these instructions while notifying your Customer Success agent directly by using the β€˜@’ tag followed by their name. This will ensure they receive immediate notification.

  3. Likewise, be aware of the channel for new notifications. Be ready to review the completed work, so that our team can get your campaign live as soon as possible. We will not activate the campaign without your approval.

For an active campaign, each revision request can take up to one business day depending on the request. This means that if a request is submitted within business hours (but not towards the end of the business day), then the request should be completed the following business day. If the request is received outside of business hours (even if it's on the business day), the request may take up to the day after the following business day to complete.

What Happens Next

Upon receiving approval, your project manager will complete one final check to ensure your campaign is ready to go live.

We will install the TikTok Pixel in the header of your website or funnel landing page to assist with gathering important marketing data. This code does not alter the appearance or functionality of your site in any way.

Afterward, your campaign goes live and begins to gather data from your audience. Our system automatically begins to gather data and metrics, while intelligently pacing your budget and adjusting bids to keep your CPL as low as possible.

Note - Your campaign manager will continue to oversee the campaign. The automated processes merely assist us in achieving the best results possible for your client. We will utilize our expertise to remove poor-performing ads and adjust our strategy as necessary.

What to Do if You Are Not Satisfied with Your Ad Campaigns

If you find your TikTok Ads fulfillment unsatisfactory, we strongly encourage you to discuss the matter directly with your project manager. Their goal is to build campaigns according to your onboarding instructions. This is also why we make the effort to verify all details before starting your campaign builds.

If you require an explanation in regards to copy or presentation choices, your project manager will be happy to work with you. If we fail to honor your revision requests, your project manager will accommodate you appropriately. All communications remain in our channel, making it easier to locate and refer to previous discussions.

If you exhaust these methods and are still not satisfied with the results, you can file a support ticket here. Our supervisors will perform an investigation into what went wrong and contact you with updates as they are available. In any event that our team fails to uphold its responsibilities, you may request a refund using the aforementioned support ticket portal.

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