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How to Create a TikTok Ads Account
How to Create a TikTok Ads Account
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To run TikTok Ads for a business, you or your client will require a TikTok Ads Account.

This is where you will create ads and store assets related to that particular business. If you're an agency with multiple TikTok Ad Accounts, you can sync these up with your TikTok Business Center later for easy management.

To create a TikTok Ads Manager Account:

  1. Head to the TikTok Ads signup page here. Fill out the form and click Sign up. Note that you can sign up directly with a general TikTok account, email, or phone.

  2. Follow the steps to create your account. Provide details such as the Business Name, Country, Industry, and Currency.

    Then, click Register.

  3. Next, enter the State, billing information, and payment type you wish to use for this ad account. The client must have a payment method on file in order for us to service your TikTok Ads account.

    Note that you can choose to set up automatic or manual payments.

    If you choose automatic, Tiktok will continue to bill your card until you reach your desired monthly ad spend threshold.

    If you choose manual, you will need to add a balance to your account before running ads.

    After you finish, click on Go to Ads Manager.

  4. You can now select between Simplified Mode or Custom Mode. The prior is meant to assist those that have less experience with TikTok or running paid ads. We advise setting this to Custom Mode to grant us more control over your campaign objectives.

    Note - You can change this at any time after landing on your Ads Manager dashboard.

You will then arrive at your TikTok Ads Manager page. It will prompt you to begin creating your first ad campaign. However, we still need to sync this TikTok Ads Manager account with your TikTok Business Center.

If you have yet to create a Business Center for your agency, click here for instructions.

To connect your TikTok Ads Manager and Business Center:

  1. From your Ads Account dashboard, locate the Business Center icon in the top-right corner (which appears as a briefcase). Click this.

  2. If you have yet to create a Business Center, you will need to do so now.

    If you have a Business Center, go to the menu. Under Assets, click Ad accounts.

  3. Click Request access.

  4. Enter your new Ad Account ID. You can find this by going to your Ad Account dashboard and clicking on your account name in the top-right corner.

    Click on the name to expand this widget. Look for ID followed by a number. Copy and paste this number into the field in your Business Center.

  5. Assign a role to the user. In order to create, optimize, and service the campaign, you will need to select Admin.

  6. Finally, the Ad Account owner will need to approve the request. If you are the owner of the Business Center and Ad Account, TikTok will automatically approve the request.

    If you are attempting to connect your Business Center (the agency) to the client's independent Ad Account, ask them to approve the request.

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