What Are TikTok Ads?

TikTok Ads is a service that DashClicks provides to advertise your brand on the TikTok platform. We make use of your assets to create engaging ad copy that generates a steady number of leads based on your campaign objectives.

Our team fulfills your TikTok Ads needs by performing the campaign build and weekly maintenance. We provide expert recommendations to continuously optimize your campaigns to improve results while lowering your cost-per-lead.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

To pursue TikTok Ads fulfillment, you must possess the following:

  • A TikTok Account

  • A TikTok Ads Account

This is the bare minimum required for our team to create and manage your campaigns. However, having your own Business Center account is also acceptable and you may provide access at any time from there.

We also recommend utilizing the TikTok Pixel for improved tracking. Our team will make use of one if it exists or create one for you after we gain access to your account.

Finally, make sure that you have a payment method tied to your account. You can set up your budget limitations within the account before providing access. We cannot create and distribute ads without a payment method on file.

Industries with Restrictions and Regulations

Most paid ads services feature policies, restrictions, and regulations in regard to what you may include in advertisements. This generally applies to CBD, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, unapproved health products, and sexual content.

Before purchasing, be sure to review TikTok's policies to ensure that we can successfully run ad campaigns for you without issue.

Selecting the Right Plan

Our company currently offers four (4) different tiers of subscription plans for TikTok Ads to help you achieve your desired results.

To get a full side-by-side comparison of each plan, click here.

Placing Your Order

To select your TikTok Ads plan and place your order, navigate to our Fulfillment Store page by clicking on the app drawer in the top-right corner of your account. Then, click Fulfillment Store.

All of our services can be found in the left-side column. Click on TikTok Ads to select a subscription plan. Then, click Buy.

A menu will appear prompting you to select a business to receive this TikTok Ads subscription. You can either use the dropdown to select an existing business or click the + icon to create a new business.

After selecting the business, you will need to select a person. This is the address to where we will send the onboarding. Additional fields will also appear allowing you to send the onboarding document to yourself instead. Finally, you can also send a sub-account invitation directly from this menu by checking the correct option.

Then, click Add to Cart. You will notice that the cart icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard will update with the number of items added. When you're ready, click Check Out.

This next page will display your cart total first and foremost at the top of the page. If you wish to add anything else to your order, you can follow the Back to Shopping link. You can also adjust your existing cart such as changing the quantity or deleting an item by clicking the red X.

If you're ready to proceed, click Continue.

You will have one final opportunity to review your order while being asked to enter your payment details. You can select an existing payment method you have on file with the dropdown menu or click Add New Card to enter a new one.

After entering your payment information, click Place Your Order to finalize.

TikTok Ads Onboarding

After we process your purchase, we will automatically send the onboarding documents to the designated email address.

You can find more information about what's included in this document here.

Setup for TikTok Ads

After we receive your onboarding, we will begin the process of setting up your TikTok Ads. We must have access to your account in order to begin. If you provided your login credentials on the onboarding form, we can begin without delay.

If you wish to provide access through an alternative method, click here.

To learn more about what your setup entails, click here.

Monthly Maintenance for TikTok Ads

We will continue to optimize your campaigns and provide reporting for as long as your subscription is active.

To learn more about what we provide month-to-month, click here.

Billing & Subscription

Upon placing your order, you will receive your first bill for the TikTok Ads fulfillment immediately. This bill includes the first month of maintenance as well as the initial setup fee.

Our campaigns may take up to one full business week for setup to complete and for your campaign to go live. For this reason, we will delay your second month's billing appropriately from that start date.

For example, if you place your Tik Tok Ads purchase on the first of the month, you receive the initial charge immediately. Roughly one week later, your ads receive approval and go live (the 8th of the month). If you maintain your subscription going forward, you will receive a charge again on the 8th of the following month.

Canceling Your Subscription

If you are unsatisfied with the TikTok Ads service or no longer require it, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your DashClicks account.

  2. Navigate to Settings. Then, click on Subscriptions at the bottom left-side column under Billing Preferences.

  3. Under Other Subscriptions, you can use the dropdown to select the business that has the active subscription. On the right where it says Active, click on the three-dotted line. Then, click Deactivate.

Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

If you would like to upgrade your current content marketing plan to a higher or lower tier, use the instructions above to access your Subscription settings. Then, click Upgrade/Downgrade.

A menu will appear allowing you to compare plans. Your existing plan will say Active Plan. Click Add to Cart under the plan you wish to use and follow the checkout process from there. Note that the setup fee is waived as you only ever need to pay it once per client.

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