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Everything You Need to Know About Backlinks
Everything You Need to Know About Backlinks
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What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on sites that link back to other sites. Backlinking campaigns focus on producing backlinks on multiple external sites that link back to one specific website, which would be the focus site. The goal of producing backlinks is to increase the Domain Authority of the focus site, which in turn allows for higher search engine rankings, which can increase overall site traffic.

Our Backlinks fulfillment service will provide your website with backlinks on a monthly basis. Our experts will also provide detailed reporting and additional service recommendations that can help take your client’s results even further.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Does Your Client Have a Website?

A website is imperative for ensuring that your client can truly benefit from our Backlinks service. We do not require access to the website's backend, however, we need to know what the target URL is for the campaign (typically this would be the home page).

Choosing the Right Plan

We currently offer four (4) subscription plans to provide clients with varying levels of monthly Backlinks support.

You can get a side-by-side comparison of each plan here.

Placing Your Order

To select your Backlinks plan and place your order, navigate to our Fulfillment store page by clicking on the app drawer in the top-right corner. Then, click on Fulfillment Center at the very bottom.

All of our products and services can be found in the left-side column. Click on Backlinks to select a monthly subscription plan. Then, click Buy.

A menu will appear prompting you to select a business to receive this subscription. You can either use the dropdown to select an existing business or click the + button to add a new one.

You will also need to select a person associated with the company. You can choose to send the onboarding document to this person or to yourself using the dropdown. Also, choose whether or not you wish to send a sub-account invitation to the person.

Then, click Add to Cart. You will notice that the cart icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard will update with the number of items added. When you're ready, click Check Out.

This basic page will display your cart total first and foremost at the top of the page. If you wish to add anything else to your order, you can follow the Back to Shopping link. You can also adjust your existing cart such as changing the quantity or deleting an item by clicking the red X.

If you're ready to proceed, click Continue.

Selecting Payment and Placing Your Order

You will have one final opportunity to review your order while being asked to enter your payment details. You can select an existing payment method you have on file with the dropdown menu or click Add New Card to enter a new one.

After entering your payment information, click Place Your Order to finalize.

Backlinks Onboarding

After your successful checkout, you or your client will need to fill out onboarding documentation.

To learn more about your onboarding, click here.

Backlinks Maintenance

Our team will build out backlinks every month as part of the service. The amount of backlinks and the DA of those backlinks will be determined by the tier that was purchased.

Billing & Subscription

You will receive your first charge after the checkout process. From there, you will receive an additional charge on the same date for each month that your subscription is active (activation will occur after the onboarding document is submitted. If needed, you can easily cancel your Backlinks subscription at any time by using your dashboard.

Canceling Your Subscription

If you are unsatisfied with the Backlinks service or no longer require it, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to Settings. Then, click on Subscriptions at the bottom of the left-side column under Billing Preferences.

  3. Under Other Subscriptions, you can use the dropdown to select the business that possesses the subscription you wish to cancel. On the right where it says Active, click on the three-dotted line to access a sub-menu. Then, click Deactivate.


Upgrading/Downgrading Your Subscription

If you would like to upgrade your current plan to a higher or lower tier, use the instructions above to access your Subscription settings. Then, click Upgrade/Downgrade.

A menu will appear allowing you to compare plans. Your existing plan will say Active Plan. Click Add to Cart under the plan you wish to use and follow the checkout process from there.

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