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Credits/Cost Information
Credits/Cost Information
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DashClicks allows you to use SMSs, emails, InstaSites, and InstaReports directly in the dashboard. Managing payments can all be done within OneBalance. This article will provide you with general information about pricing for each item that can be used in the dashboard and how that affects your OneBalance balance.

Note: The pricing for SMS messages are based on USA/Canada pricing. International pricing will be billed at different rates based on the country. SMS rates will be billed in segments of 160 characters per message/credit. This means that if messages exceed 160 characters, you can be billed for two or more credits. If you are injecting personal data in your automations, please keep in mind that the length of that injected data can impact the credits used.

Cost Per Item









Additional Notes

-SMS usage is based on incoming and outgoing SMSs while emails are ONLY based on outgoing, incoming emails do not deplete from your usage

-Free credits will be available on your account with first time usage. These are one-time free credits. Once the free credits are depleted, they will not refill

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