The Forms tab is one of the few pages within the Projects application that allows you to customize your tables for easier viewing. This document will show you how to customize your form display.

How to Customize Your Forms Tab

  1. Click on the Forms tab. Then, click on this icon to open up the editor.

  2. A menu will appear titled Manage Columns. This will contain a column for each form submission value you have within your various forms.

  3. You can hide specific columns by clicking on the checkboxes on the left side. Note that you cannot hide the form name or the submission date. You can also hide all remaining columns at once by checking the box next to All Columns.

  4. On the right-hand side, you can drag and drop each gray box to rearrange your form table. You can also select the X to delete a column from the view.

  5. When you are satisfied with your changes, be sure to click Save at the bottom of this menu. You can back out at any time by clicking Cancel or the X in the top-right corner.

  6. Your tables under both Submissions and Pending Requests will update with your changes.

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