Now that your form is live and integrated into your website or campaign, you need to review your submissions on a regular basis.

This document will show you how to access your form submissions with the Forms application. You will be able to review submissions, send invites, and review your pending requests after reading this article.

How to Access Your Form Submissions

Accessing your form submissions is as simple as clicking on the form name. Navigate to the My Forms tab and click on the name of your form under Form Name.

You will arrive at a new page called Form Responses. The title of your form will be next to it in parentheses.

The table will always include the Submission Date to start. The remaining columns will correspond to all of the response fields you included on your form. For our form in the example above, we only request Full Name, Business Name, and Phone Number.

That’s all there is to it! However, there are still more features to review while we’re here.

Deleting Your Form Submissions

If for any reason you need to delete submissions from your form responses, you can do so by checking the box to the left of the submission date. Then, click on the Delete button that appears at the top of the table.

Downloading Submissions

If you hover over a submission, you will notice that a blue icon appears next to the submission date. Click on this icon.

A menu will pop out from the right containing a new look at your submissions:


Each response in the submission will be listed here. You can navigate between submissions by clicking on the up or down arrows at the top of this menu.

To download a submission, click on the blue download icon to the right of the date. This will commence a download of the submission data in CSV format. This is only for single submissions, however.

To download all of your current submissions (which is a more likely scenario), you can simply click the Export button in the top right corner of the page.

You also can delete the submission from this menu by clicking on the red trash can icon to the right of the download button.

Request Submissions

You are likely aware of the additional tabs located at the top of this page. While we’re here, we will quickly go over what you can do with these tabs.

Clicking on Request Submissions will take you to a new page where you can send invites to specific individuals to fill out your form. You can do this by clicking on the blue + Invite to Fill Form button. We go over submission invitations in more depth with this help article.

Submissions you receive from invited individuals will populate under this tab.

Pending Requests

A pending request refers to any outstanding invitations you’ve sent out in regard to a form. This will populate a table of all outstanding invitations, letting you know that they have yet to respond to your request.

If necessary, you can re-send an invitation to someone on your pending requests list by hovering over the entry and clicking the blue button that appears.

A menu will appear asking you if you’d like to resend your form to the person’s email or phone number. Select one, then, click Resend.

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