Managing Your Notebooks
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The Projects application features the ability to create a library of notebooks for each one of your sub-accounts. This document will walk you through how to create, edit, and review notebooks for any client at any time.

How to Create a Notebook

  1. Select a sub-account from the left. This will take you to your notebook list for that account.

  2. Click on + Add Notebook in the top-right corner.

  3. A menu will appear in the center of the page titled Create Notebook. Note that only the Title is required. You can actually create a notebook for a specific purpose without putting any content into it at this time.

  4. The description should explain the nature of the notebook for your team.

  5. The body contains a text editor. This functions exactly the same as any other word document software. You can also change colors, add hyperlinks, embed links, and use emojis.

  6. When you are satisfied, click Create at the top of this menu.

  7. Your new notebook will appear in the list along with the date of creation (today). You can also see when the notebook was last updated by a user below the notebook title.

Previewing and Editing Notebooks

The easiest way for you and your team to review your notes is to check out the preview.

To do this, locate the desired notebook in your list. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a specific notebook as your library expands. Then, click on the Preview button on the far right.

This will open your notebook without the text editor. You can scroll through and gather the information you need at any time.

If you need to make changes or add information to a notebook, you can do so by clicking the blue pencil icon just to the right of the Preview button.

This will launch the same editor used to create the notebook originally. Utilize the editor to make changes to the title, description, or body. When you’re finished, be sure to click Update at the top of this menu.

Deleting a Notebook

Deleting a notebook is incredibly simple. Simply locate the notebook from your list. Then, select the red trash can icon on the far right. You will receive a prompt verifying that you wish to delete this notebook (the action is permanent). If you’re certain, click Delete.

The notebook and its contents will be permanently removed from the list.

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