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What Is the Average Cost-Per-Lead?
What Is the Average Cost-Per-Lead?
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Defining Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Lead (CPL) is an essential measurement for your campaign. However, accurately estimating this can be challenging due to the varied nature of campaigns. Variables include:

  • Industry specifics

  • Advertisements used

  • Copywriting style

  • Landing Pages or Website design

  • Videos and Images deployed

  • Target Demographics

  • Population of the Location targeted

  • Budget allocation

  • And other factors...

Each of these factors can significantly impact the cost per lead, making it difficult to provide a universal estimate.

Managing Expectations About CPL

When clients ask about the cost per lead, it is essential to explain these variables to them. Let them know that their campaign is unique and, as such, the cost per lead will also be unique.

Recommend a 'testing' period of 1-2 months to optimize their campaign to achieve the lowest possible lead cost. Our systems, platform, software, and the team managing their campaigns are all finely tuned to deliver the best results.

Estimating Potential Results

Once the client has made a purchase and completed the onboarding documents, our specialists can then review the provided information. Upon completion of their review, they can assess and give an estimate of the expected results. However, it is crucial to note that nothing is guaranteed due to the many variables involved in the process.

For some general guidelines, the following article provides industry average benchmarks:

Note: The aforementioned practices and strategies are designed to ensure a smoother and more predictable lead generation process. However, the exact cost per lead can vary and should be treated as an estimate.

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